American Hoggers, swamp dog rescues Jerry's business

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In "Old Dog New Tricks", Jerry Campbell had to admit that his hound dogs needed help from a local named Biggin' to catch the wild hogs on a Louisiana turtle rancher's land.

On a new episode of A&E's American Hoggers, Jerry humbled himself twice and then got overruled by wife Kathie.

It was more than enough humiliation for one Texas hog hunter.

First he sought advice from a Louisiana local who was a master chef of hog meat sausage. Sidney had the secrets the elder Campbell wanted but wouldn't share until Jerry fixed his family discord.

The second tough moment was when he hired a local called a Louisiana Leprechaun to help the team maneuver through the swampland, and find the hogs the Campbells were hired to capture or kill.

Even the Leprechaun couldn't keep good old Jerry from getting the Jeep stuck in mud.

Having struck out both times he reached out for a helping hand, he was faced with another compromise.

Daughter Krystal and team member Lea Penick decided they had seen enough of the dogs failing to round up hogs. She found Biggin' who had a reputation of never giving up.

Local legend has it that Biggin' caught 700 hogs in his day and even kept hold of one when they tumbled from a ten-foot cliff.

The lovely Mrs. Campbell insisted that it was a good idea. What did he have to lose, Kathie wondered. After three days, the family was ready to leave without catching anything.

After more than a bit of blustering about his hound dogs being sufficient, Jerry agreed to give it a try.

Biggin' lived up to his reputation as he found five hogs and helped the family achieve its purpose.

With a tough Texas economy, business was slow at home and the entire family along with vehicles, horses and dogs made the long trip to Louisiana for this particular job. Read: Robert's blood gets spilled in Louisiana.

Jerry had already had to deal with Robert's trip to the hospital for stitches and more than likely an injection for the hog bite he suffered.

Calling his son a girl for seeking medical assistance, Jerry realized that it was a new day, The good old days were gone for sure.

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A&E airs new American Hoggers episodes on Wednesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Wikimedia/Richard Bartz

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