Anderson Cooper or Jerry Seinfeld: world's pickiest eater (VIDEO)

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Anderson Cooper welcomed Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica to his new daytime talk show and much was revealed about Cooper's limited food choices.

"No wonder he's so thin," one is moved to comment after watching the video clip of Anderson Cooper and Jerry Seinfeld take to the streets of New York City. It turns out that Cooper is less a traditionalist about his food intake than he is a classic picky eater.

Seinfeld is well known as being finicky, if you will, about what he likes to watch, do and even eat. But not even the noted comedian-actor could believe Anderson Cooper's mantra. "Why do we need it?"

As the conversation went from the need vs.the desire to have variety in one's diet, viewers were certain to recognize the banter as something they would have heard as dialogue in Jerry Seinfeld's television show. It would have been fodder for George Costanza, Jerry and Elaine around the neighborhood diner table.

The Huffington Post chronicled the exchange between Cooper and Seinfeld that was punctuated by asking the audience who they agreed with. Are pancakes enough and waffles unnecessary? Do you need to drizzle honey on a peanut butter sandwich or is it all too much?

On one side of the equation we have Anderson Cooper who understands pancakes and why one would eat them. Seinfeld prefers waffles but enjoys both as the spirit moves him. To that Cooper said, "I don't understand the point." Jerry Seinfeld answered Cooper's question with one word, "Texture."Even Jessica Seinfeld was moved to exclaim, "You are so particular!"

Standing in front of a waffle cart in mid-town Manhattan, the two personalities disagreed about the necessity of the traditional waffle. "But there's pancakes and pancakes are good enough," Cooper protested. Seinfeld explained his texture argument by speaking of the crispy edges of a well made waffle.

Once again, in that steady monotone of Cooper's he stared straight at Jerry and asked "Why do you need crispy?" Once you get to the point of questioning the need for crispy vs. smooth, you know a conversation has started to go down a path with no return.

As Anderson Cooper grows accustomed to sharing personal information with his audience, his talk show will grow. Succeeding in daytime requires that viewers connect with you in a way that goes beyond their relationship with a nightly newsman. Learning about the finicky eater that is Anderson Cooper is apparently just touching the surface.


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Anderson needs to try spinach fixed as spinach madeline. Bet he might like spinach that way. What does he eat when he is in New Orleans. I'm from Baton Rouge and we eat a lot of "different" things. You just have to know how to cook them. We can make anything taste good in Louisiana.

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