Asia shows true colors on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Fans have now seen more than a glimpse of a very outspoken Asia, full of opinions and bravado. It wasn't pretty on the latest edition of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

UPDATE---Dec. 12, 2012--- Asia made it to the final three, bumping off Amanda, but couldn't manage to win the whole thing. Read about how it all went down and who won, here. Original story follows:

Asia lived to fight another day as she triumphed over poor Amanda, sent home after a circus themed dance routine. Read: Asia has nine lives

Once again Amanda's form was "flawless" as one judge told her, but she couldn't do an approximation of Asia's facial expressions.

Only Brianna and Madison are left standing to challenge the seven year-old dancer, gymnast and emotive queen on next week's finale of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

We are left to wonder if nasty mom Yvette knew what she was talking about when she hated on little Asia and her mother Kristie.

Asia cannot be stopped despite her lack of technique and Yvette tried to warn us. Read: Yvette's plot backfires.

On last night's episode, "Cirque du Solos" Asia didn't win the group challenge that got the winner two tickets to the N.Y. premiere of Cirque du Soleil's latest production.

Despite her talent on the balance beam, Asia lost out to Amanda but more than made up for it when she realized that the circus and acrobatic solos were right in her wheelhouse.

From the get-go Abby screamed at Asia's three competitors to get with the program on the facial expressions. It emboldened Asia to get catty and boastful.

"Madison we need you to use your face," Abby said. Pointing and yelling at her mother, "Get a video camera out, tape her face and see what she looks like. She has all this talent but we could chop her head right off and put her head (pointing to Asia) on her body." Ouch.

From then on the moms and their daughters other than Amanda were in critical mode about Asia.

Asia was told by mom Kristie that the girls were gunning for her because the judges love her performances. The word "performer" was used in a derogatory way to characterize Asia's style.

She was called a performer, not a dancer on multiple occasions behind her back, but that didn't bother Kristie who said:

"Asia can learn to point her toes, but some people are just not born with the gift Asia has with her expressions."

Asia knew that Amanda was the weak link and said so. "Because how strong I am and how my facial expression kills her." Even Kristie seemed taken aback.

Just prior to her taking the stage for her solo Asia warned her fellow dancers. "Anyone who thinks I"m going home tonight, they're wrong, No one is gonna touch me. If they touch me, I'm coming back with claws and big ones."

In the solo performances, little Asia was given one that played to her strengths. She portrayed a caged animal, giving her the opportunity to make her face go wild.

Something happened that stunned the other competitors and their moms. The audience along with judges Richy Jackson and Robin Antin gave her a standing ovation. It was all about the face.

Brianna had to perform as a clown and she finally got her expressions down right. Madison had a lyrical routine, a style she excels at. She did enough emoting to get past the judges' comments.

Amanda was too many steps below the performance expression level expected and wanted, so she was sent packing.

Think Brianna and Madison are scared stiff? You bet they are.

Lifetime airs new episodes of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition on Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. ET. Image: Lifetime/Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition


Submitted by Asia Fan (not verified) on
Wow! I love watching Asia perform. By the time she is as old as the other girls she'll already be a star. I also like her attitude. The remaining girls and their moms have been so mean to her and after a few tears instead of feeling insecure she has toughened up. Her technique isnt quite as good as theirs cos they are twice her age. The potential Asia has is amazing!

Submitted by Asia's #1 FAN ! (not verified) on
I agree. grown women even speaking negative upon a child that is only 7 already makes they bad in my eyes. but hey asia has plent of potential and her as well as her mother both know that . hopefully they dont let what anyone has to say get to this .. obviously if they care enough to put her down she is ALREADY better than them. PERIOD ! this isnt about the other competors, the mothers, or the judges its about ABBY LEES decission in the end and they kept her this long so what's going to stop them now ?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Asia should have went home long ago. She should have went home before Zack. Sure she's good for 7 but this is not a 7 year old competition. Jordyn shouldnt have went home last week, Asia should have. She's a bit of a brat too. If she wins i will not be tuning in next season. Come on Abby get your head out of your butt. I'm rooting for Madison to win.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You guys say Asia's "true colors" were revealed, but what about last week where she overheard the other mothers and competitors talking trash about her behind her back??? Can we discuss their nastiness??? Or this week when Amanda was in the green room mocking Brianna and the other girls' dances, sayign she could have done it better??? Can we talk about her lack of humility? They are nasty and rude...Asia realizes she has no friends there, they all want her gone, and she is in competition mode. So what is she supposed to keep smiling and acting like everything is honky-dory?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
MADISON was the girl in the green room mocking Briana. Asia needs to get a job in the acting community, not dancing. We all know Abby favors the younger girls, ie McKenzie and Maddy. BUT IT IS ABBYS DANCE COMPETITION

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It was Madison...But my point still stands. Yes, she likes young raw talent. Also, Asia BEAT McKenzie in several national competitions. This is not her first encounter with these girls.

Submitted by Asha (not verified) on

Submitted by Posh (not verified) on
The only reason Asia wasn't the first one sent home is that the producers realized people would tune in just to see her get by on her "face". She is a great performer but has very little technique and grace that we would expect in a finalist in a dance competition. I will not be tuning in next season. Who knows who they'll find as their next "face"? I watched this show to see great little dancers compete in DANCE not "face".

Submitted by Asha (not verified) on
She is good as 7 and she is good with the rest of the girls. How has she out performed others older than her sometimes?

Submitted by wonder (not verified) on
no dont hate becaus shes better than every one HATER

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I did read the other comments before adding mine and shame on everyone for saying nasty things about Asia. I do feel she does not belong in this competition at all. There should be an age bracket. For her to compete with these beautiful dancers has made this entire program a farce. She at her age has undone the original focus...dancing...for each dancer. This is not acting or performing. For these amazingly talented DANCING children to be compared to a much younger child has taught them a sad lesson too early in life. I will not watch a "Abby's" anything. Too unfair to the children.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
thank you, at least someone understands this was supposed to be about dancing and not performing, when she is older she will excell at sports cheerleaders or adult dance clubs but i don't think she will ever be a real dancer.

Submitted by Spanky (not verified) on
Most ballet dancers are long and lean which enables them to perform beautiful arm and leg extensions. Because she lacks the height, Asia is unable to perform this very important technique. Watching her on stage it appears as though her legs are bent at the knee and her jerky transitions lack fluidity. She appeals to the audience because she is cute and doll-like which may allow her to be a performer but not a dancer. Abby seems to be the only judge that critiques lines, position. The other two are looking for the next "extreme performer". Ladty GaGa-hear that? I still don't know whether she can sing because I can't get past the other junk. The best dancer went home last night. More's the pity.

Submitted by Asha (not verified) on
I just read the comment about the topic of Asia showing her true colors...her colors were fine. Everybody else has their comments so why can't she. If she would have loss that round that would have been on her ...but she didnt. Either way she was just sticking up for herself and gave the claws that she said she was. Even if she didn't have the lion gig she stil would've gave face...and why wouldn't she use something that she's good at. It's not her fault we like it. I would hope she wouldn't look dead while she was dancing and bored about what she does like some other. ANYWAY....Asia's DANCING is remarkable, HELLO! She can all the things the other girls do even if it takes her a little longer and you know it. Sometimes she has some things to work on but don't they all. None of her LITTLE flaws overpowers how great she is. Don't just look for things that you think are flaws in her, look at everything else she can do and it's more than just face even though she may have the prettiest face that is the only reason people try to say about her to make that as an excuse. THATS BECAUSE YOU CANT LOOK PAST HER FACE BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO BECAUSE SHE'S SO CUTE. Everyone loves her. I do not see any of the other girls on youtube as much as Asia. She is remarkably flexible and way much more creative than most. She may have her own thing sometimes but everybody has their own area that they do best in. Thank you very much.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Asia is comical..she is more of an actress than a dancer. It's a sad lot of judges!

Submitted by Sandyshoes (not verified) on
These judges, except for Abby, are not ballet-trained judges. "The Pussycat Dolls" would not be my first choice of a job for my well-trained dancer daughter, and the man only seems to know hip-hop and contemporary, even said he doesn't know much about ballet a couple of weeks ago. So of course they go for Asia, with her grimaces and over-the-top expressions, though she can't follow choreography or be elegant, as Amanda and the older girls are. Every week it's been obvious that Asia should have been the one to go, but those two judges think she's adorable. If she were as old as the other girls, her facial expressions would be even more ludicrous. And of course, they gave her the part of a caged animal, which just played into her and her mother's hands. She'll probably win the whole shootin' match, 2 against 3 judges, as Abby has said before that she should be the one to go, but she never did. Amanda was gorgeous, graceful and elegant but didn't snarl or bite, so she was out. Awful! Isn't this for the Joffrey Ballet School?

Submitted by Spanky (not verified) on
Please remember that the routines the girls perform were not created by them but by a choregrapher. So if Asia appears to be more "creative" it is because her choregrapher plays to her strengths. Amanda's choregrapher let her down; hence Abby's comment about her lack of contortion. Clearly not an equal playing field.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
This "competition" (I use this term loosely) is clearly rigged. There is NO WAY Asia would have gotten this far! They keep letting her slide by because she has great facial expressions and she is cute. She always seems to get the routines that play to her strong assets yet the other dancers are challenged all the time. I really don't think Joffrey would be impressed with giving Asia the scholarship. I see Asia as a cheerleader or a gymnast not a all around technical dancer.

Submitted by ANONYMOUS (not verified) on
WOW . okay maybe she isnt As tall and lean as the other girls but she has TALENT everybody can see that. and no she doesnt get routines that advantage her she just copes with the routines she has been giving and throws her own spice in it to make it fit her . while you guys are worrying about her .. maybe the other dancers should try doing so and being a bit creative ! have you ever thought they they werent trying hard enough to open up ???? hmmm

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Asia is seven years old. Although I don't think she can win this competition, the little girl is awesome. The mothers have been talking about Asia from the beginning because she doesn't have the technique the older girls have. I was wondering how long it would take this little girl to get angry. She's heard them talk about her and it brought her to tears. I'm happy to see she is no pushover. Asia has made this competition exciting to watch and deserves to be where she is. I think Brianna is the best of the dancers but you've got to love Asia.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Abby is the only judge who knows anything. The two other judges are terrible. Asia should have gone home along time ago.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
All I have to say is Asia is 7 years and I can guarantee you couldn't dance half as good as her.

Submitted by Tanya (not verified) on
Amanda was given the worst choreography and poorest costum, pajama like in her last ep. But she was the best one. Elegant and graceful with beautiful technic. She must be a winner.