Beards on Disneyland employees approved, if kept short

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Disneyland loosened the rules of its employee dress code, breaking with a long standing tradition of forbidding men to sport any facial hair.

Disneyland Resorts has decided to change with the times, as it has done periodically throughout its storied history. Employees who work at the theme parks will see new rules take effect in February.

No longer will men be barred from sporting facial hair but there are guidelines for length of the hair as well as where it is grown.

Beards and goatees, trimmed to no longer than 1/4 of an inch will be allowed under the new employee dress code. The L.A. Times reported that what the company calls The Disney Look, which includes small details of an employee's, called a Cast Member, appearance has been overhauled one again.

A Disney spokesperson said that periodic review of the guidelines is required to keep The Disney Look from becoming an anachronism in the modern world, but there are limits.

Facial hair guidelines that now allow for close-trimmed beards and goatees prevent men from growing soul patches, hair tufts worn between the chin and the lower lip. Shaved heads are approved, but only for men.

Disneyland still frowns on piercings and tattoos with only one exception. Women are allowed to have pierced ears and while the company cannot prevent cast members from getting body tattoos, if they want to keep their employment, their ink will not be visible once they don their uniform or costume and face the visitors.

It was only two years ago, in 2010 that women were given the green light to stop wearing pantyhose with their costumes that featured dresses or skirts and at the same time, the sleeveless look was welcomed.

The temperatures at the Orlando Disney World Resort and Southern California's original park in Anaheim can soar in the summer months into the triple digits, with humidity indexes making the air oppressive.

The discomfort factor played no role in finally letting women bare their legs or their arms because of the business they are in.

Disney resorts are about themes and the Magic Kingdom's allure requires sacrifices that cast members are warned about when they apply for a position. The company is strict about hair color for both male and females as well as hair styles. Mohawks are unwelcome as are Katy Perry-like rainbow hair colors.

The most recent addition to the Disneyland and resort kingdom opened last year in Hawaii. The Aulani Resort & Spa on the island of Oahu, located not far from the city of Honolulu.

The Aulani was designed and built to the company's commitment to Hawaii's native culture. Disney Imagineering worked Hawaiian stories into the buildings, interiors, art and gardens of the resort with the help of local architects, artisans and historians.

The first of its kind in the Disney family of properties, the Aulani is the first major destination resort property not situated near a Disney theme park. For more information on the Aulani, including a video about its creation and construction, click here.

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