Beatles museum in Buenos Aires opens to crowds

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A collector of Beatles memorabilia opened a museum to house it all in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Crowds of Beatles fans are streaming through the doors of the first ever museum in Latin America, dedicated to the legendary music group.

Rodolfo Vazquez created the museum and says he began collecting items when he was 10 years old. Living in Argentina didn't make it easy to obtain collectibles but it didn't deter him. Ten years ago, his efforts were recognized by Guinness World Records.

By 2001 he had amassed 5,612 pieces of Beatles memorabilia when he set the record. Today, according to a report on CNN the museum holds more than 8,500 pieces of Beatles history.

A local Buenos Aires newspaper noted that Vazquez's pieces fill the only museum created by a single private collector. Included in the exhibits are photos, recordings and personal items, including signed checks by band members.

Admission is only $2.50 and people of all ages are walking through the doors to get a taste of what it was like to love the four lads from Liverpool. A young student visitor said, "When the band played, I hadn't been born, so I'm looking for what my parents lived through."

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