The Big Bang Theory, People's Choice in ratings and awards

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The final award of the night at the 2013 People's Choice Awards was for favorite network comedy. The Big Bang Theory took the prize, it's second in the last few years.

This is the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory on CBS and its ratings are big. So big in fact that no one really needed the people to vote to determine America's favorite comedy show.

In the latest Nielsen Television -- TV ratings for 2012-13 Primetime, published at, the comedy show hit more than 18 million viewers.

Except for the season when The Big Bang Theory moved to Thursday night from its usual Monday slot, the program has increased its viewership year after year.

Much has been written about the appeal of the program that centers on a handful of brilliant minds who struggle with social interaction.

The breakout star of the show is Jim Parsons who plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Parsons' way of speaking the scripted dialogue is not all that different from his everyday speech.

In a recent appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, a sports-talk radio program that is simulcast on cable stations around the country, Parson fulfilled a dream of his.

He grew to love the show that he watches from his dressing room before getting on the set each day. Read: Jim Parson shines on Dan Patrick Show

He wanted to be part of Dan's staff who interact with him throughout. While not a sports geek, Parsons learned to like football and admitted he has a fantasy team.

Unlike the egocentric Sheldon Cooper, Jim Parsons defected all compliments and feared embarrassing himself during the live, unscripted show.

But, Parsons does have a flat affect to his voice and can be somewhat cryptic, which came off as endearing.

Could the antics of a bunch of scientists who struggle to attract women or to befriend anyone outside their circle captivate America?

The answer is yes.

Executive producer Chuck Lorre, the man behind Two and a Half Men and the blood feud with Charlie Sheen, has found a formula that clicks on all cylinders.

Feature a beautiful blonde, played by the award show's host last night, Kaley Cuoco, who lives across the hall from Sheldon and his roomie Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, played by the wonder Johnny Galecki.

Throw in a Jewish momma's boy who is perpetually horny, Simon Helberg playing Howard Wolowitz and a foreign born astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrappali, played by Kunal Nayyar and the joke topics are endless.

It's a story about how young people struggle to fit in, something that many viewers can identify with. There is plenty of science-speak and the writers are unapologetic about it.

Most importantly it is a comedy that no one has to fear watching as a family without it seeming dumbed down --- because it isn't.

Congratulations to Lorre, the rest of creative staff and cast for their well deserved People's Choice Award.

Tonight, CBS airs a new episode at 8:00 p.m. ET entitled "The Bakersfield Expedition", during which the guys indulge in a road trip to a comic book convention. Costumes are involved. Oh boy.

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