The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon thrills Amy with VapoRub

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Sheldon is slowly becoming a good boyfriend to Amy, sometimes without him even knowing it.

The Big Bang Theory dipped its toe into the evolution of Sheldon as a boyfriend.

While their couples contract stipulates that one partner must nurse the other back to health when necessary, Sheldon never thought he'd be the one giving the TLC.

"The intent behind that clause was to force you, to take care of me," he told the flu-ridden Amy. He added, "When you're feeling better you'll think that's funny."

On second thought Dr. Cooper decided to honor the agreement and suddenly he was gung ho to get Amy back on her feet.

Was he an expert? No. He also wasn't patient about her recovery time but once he gave in the thrills began for Amy.

Amy was running a temperature of 102+ degrees and terrible head and chest congestion. Sheldon's mother must have used Vicks VapoRub on him because out of nowhere, Dr. Cooper suggested that as a remedy.

For a sex-starved Amy it was nirvana, so much so that she faked being sick even after she recovered.

Is Sheldon that clueless about the other aspects of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship? The show's writers have yet to go that far but can it be too long before we get to see that?

It seems we're on the road towards that since Sheldon punished Amy for lying about her continued illness by administering a spanking.

Oh yes, a spanking was delivered and Amy was once again enraptured.

All this was played out against a storyline about Howard and his father-in-law learning how to deal with each other. It explained the show's title, "The Fish Guts Displacement".

Supposedly ready for a bonding exercise on a fishing trip, the two men realized what they had in common was being forced by wives to get along.

Once again we got no further along in the story about Penny's declaration of love for Leonard two episodes ago. When is that going to rear its ugly head?

Maybe the Christmas episode will bring us more on the growing closeness between the two. One can only hope.

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