Big Bang Theory, Stephen Hawking exposed by Sheldon

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A true battle of titans occurred on last night's hilarious episode, "The Extract Obliteration" and The Big Bang Theory took on the subject of when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em.

Sheldon's need to win at all costs and at all times interrupted a longing to be pals with Stephen Hawking.

Balance has never been something valued by physicist Sheldon. There's black and there's white, but only Sheldon has the ultimate decision as to what fits into which color.

When rock star physicist Stephen Hawking reached out via the Internet and invited Sheldon to engage in playing Words With Friends, a childhood dream came true.

As it turns out, Hawking is a sore loser and one of Sheldon's pals experienced it first hand.

Howard worked with him in the past. "Here's the problem," he told Sheldon. "You can't beat Hawikng like that. He hates to lose. Everyone knows he's a big baby."

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Unfortunately that information came too late for Sheldon. After slamming Hawking with the word "quiver", carrying a triple letter and double word score he was feeling his oats.

He crowed that, "I'm spanking him so hard his grad students won't be able to sit down."

When Stephen -- oh yes, Sheldon is on a first-name basis with him, came back with "act" for 18 points, girlfriend Amy suggested the word "extract" that will add insult to injury and pile on the points.

"You can turn his act into extract and it would be for double points," Amy says proudly. After finding a way around taking advice from someone that could be called cheating, Sheldon plays the word.

It results in Hawking cutting Sheldon off. He hasn't stopped playing the game because he's otherwise occupied. Sheldon made sure to find out that he's engaging others, so it must mean Hawking had enough of being a loser.

It sends Sheldon off on a tangent and for days his conversations are dominated by the loss of his Stephen Hawking connection.

"Stephen Hawking is a genius and talks like a robot. Everything I ever wanted in a friend," Sheldon sadly admits.

Then Hawking reappeared, wanting to play once again. Howard cautions Sheldon to let his opponent win and keep the connection going. Oops, what to do, oh what to do?

Where does losing on purpose stand in relation to having Hawking as a BFF? "Losing on purpose is intellectually dishonest. If I do I'd be a phoney, a sell-out, a Hollywood poser," Sheldon explains.

Sheldon became a sell-out to maintain his Hawking connection. Under the category of no good deed going unpunished, Howard's description of the Hawking comes to fruition.

He calls Sheldon on the phone to gloat, calling him "Dr. Loser" rather than Dr. Cooper and went further. "What do Sheldon Cooper and a black hole have in common? They both suck."

A steep price to pay for someone like Sheldon.

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