Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons has a sports fantasy

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While he plays a physicist without a sports habit on the CBS hit The Big Bang Theory, in real life Jim Parsons likes football. It turns out he has a desire to join the sports media world.

Jim Parsons was a guest via phone on this morning's Dan Patrick Show, simulcast on radio and television.

The Emmy winner for his role as Dr. Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory admitted he's a fan boy of the show that airs on the NBC Sports Network and radio stations around the country

He announced his fandom during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show and was quickly put in touch with the talent booker for Patrick's Monday through Friday gabfest.

Jay Leno asked him if he ever worked in sports and Parsons replied, "Oh god no. Who would have me." Sounds Sheldonesque, doesn't it?

Then what made him a fan of a sports-talk show? It's the interplay between Dan and the four guys who make the show work, both on-air and off.

Not only does he love the Danettes, as they are called, he harbors a secret desire to join them as they go about their business as foils for Dan. "They feel like friends," he told Jay.

What could he bring to the table? Not much according to him. Nonetheless, it intrigued Patrick enough to have him call in as a guest and Parsons didn't disappoint.

His "gateway sport" was tennis, as he enjoyed the drama of a one-on-one battle, but it led to football.

If given the opportunity to sit in with the Danettes, could he serve as a commentator on the sport?

"I might surprise myself, you know, while in the environment and something interesting might come out of my mouth, but this is more about my own edification. It's why I suggested I would act as an unpaid intern."

Patrick finally got Parsons to tell him how he stumbled on the program in the first place. Like many of us, he got disgusted with ESPN's morning offerings, including the now unwatchable First Take.

The show airs live at a time when he can catch it in his dressing room on the CBS show set and he admitted, "I became addicted." High praise from the comedic actor.

As it turns out, Parsons will be back east in December where the program is shot and received a gold plated invite to sit in. It was accepted without hesitation.

The man cave set for the Dan Patrick Show does not seem to intimidate Parsons who is more a fan of the show than the sports topics covered.

It is a new fun fact for fans of the actor who turns a super-nerd into a lovable character.

The Big Bang Theory continues to rack up huge ratings for CBS and doesn't show any signs of them waning, despite it being in the middle of its sixth season.

It airs on Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Jim Parson 2009 Comic Con

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