The Biggest Loser, Biingo pitches and Lindsay gets cheered

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The childhood obesity project taken on this season by NBC's The Biggest Loser got the leading role in the latest show, with amazing results for the kids.

The Biggest Loser sent another contestant home last night, but it wasn't the biggest news.

That would be how Jillian, Bob and Dolvett affected the lives of Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay. Read: How parents doom kids to obesity

Pam bids farewell

Pam of Team White had to leave but she did so a changed woman.

One of Jillian's biggest whipping girls, Pam turned her effort and belief in herself around enough to face the effort alone.

"You needed it to be that hard, to make that transformation," she said.

In the week's challenge the contestants ran a 5k and Pam came in third overall, a feat she would have refused to attempt in days past.

She arrived at 237 lbs., left the ranch weighing 207 and in a follow up scene, Pam revealed the new her --- svelte and happy 182 lbs. on her way* down even further. Watch the inspirational video below.

Dolvett turns bullies into cheerleaders for Lindsay

The Fillmore, California middle-schooler had been ridiculed for wanting to join the cheerleading squad. When Dolvett visited her home, met her mom and sister he saw a huge change had already been made.

Last week's visit from the show's pediatrician shook things up. Kitchen cupboards and the refrigerator were purged of junk, sugar and fat.

The family was eating better and Lindsay was active both early and after classes, but she couldn't shake her humiliation at school.

Thanks to Dolvett and The Biggest Loser producers, that turned around from jeers to cheers.

Lindsay was saluted by the team's squad who cheered for her battle to get healthy.

Bob takes Biingo out to the ball park

Biingo used to spend nine hours a day on a weekend playing video games, when all he wanted to do was play baseball.

His mom took the pediatrician visit to heart for herself as well as her son. She was down 27 lbs and all-in for Biingo's transformation.

He didn't have the wind power to run the bases or chase fly balls, but longed to put on a uniform.

Bob hooked him up with one from the local Maryland minor league team and a session with one of the team's pitchers.

Biingo was taught to throw a four-seam fastball and went to the plate to hit, all while smiling so hard it lit up the sky.

Bob's point was to show kids that being active doesn't have to be boring and humorless.

Jillian digs deep to help Sunny

Sunny's weight issues were related to more than snacking on the wrong food. Jillian got to the bottom of the Pittsford, N.Y. teen's issues.

Fearful to disappoint her Indian immigrant mother about not being a doctor, Sunny shied away from trying things she longed to do.

The frustration and stress led to eating. Jillian got mom and daughter to talk and hug it out.

Sunny's ready to get going and mom can handle it all wjem she sees her little girl happy again.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser each Monday night at 8:00 p.m ET/PT and 7:00 p.m. CT. Image: NBC/The Biggest Loser, Pam


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I love the segments on the three kids and I was happy to see them a lot in this episode. Pam being eliminated was a big surprise also, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the white team next week. I’ll be working a night shift at DISH during Biggest Loser next week though, so I’m going to catch up on the episode using PrimeTime Anytime on my DISH Hopper. I love that my DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks, so I don’t have to set timers or worry about missing my favorite shows.

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