The Biggest Loser, fast food habits exposed

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The child obesity portion of The Biggest Loser is going great, but the adults struggled with buying food in a store to last a week, on a very tight budget.

Team members on NBC's The Biggest Loser admitted that they hardly visited a grocery store on their way to obesity.

Many of the men and women were a bit dazed and confused about how to buy enough food for a week in advance, with only $10 a day to spend.

It's one thing for the contestants to work their bodies to the bone, but having to make group decisions about a week's worth of provisions was overwhelming to a few.


Coaches used Skype visits to check up on them. Biingo is still struggling a bit due to his broken foot that still hasn't healed but Lindsay as well as Sunny were motoring along.

Bob encouraged Biingo to get out on the baseball field no matter what. Dolvett got Lindsay up and moving and took pride in her training privately to get ready for a cheerleader try out. Jillian worked out Sunny who is living to buy a prom dress she is proud of.

The kids' families had already been counseled on food shopping and healthy eating. It looks like it is all paying off. They are slimmer and happier.

The Blue Team had yet to lose a member and Bob made sure they didn't set themselves up for a fall.

They had their usual complaints about keeping their mental and physcial edge but there was controversy and whispering going on that threatened the group.

Gina got passive-aggressive as the week wore on and she didn't find her favorite food in the fridge. She admitted she never shopped much and in the 15 minutes the teams had in the grocery store and wasn't prepared to think of everything.

Jeff, one of the largest of the contestants was not happy with her attitude, getting defensive about their food decisions.

Then there was the alliance building between David and Gina that ticked off the rest of the team.

The Red Team kept harmony going. They have turned a corner on effort and belief in Dolvett and what he was dishing out. They lost a team member last week and they were fearful of it happening again.

Lisa took the lead on the grocery choices and the rest were happy for her guidance. A mom of four, she has plenty of experience. She can't blame her obesity on what she does for her family since she was the only one severly affected.

The White Team consisted only of Danni. All others had been sent home or went home voluntarily.

It forced Jillian to adapt her style because guess what? If she lost Danni, Jillian would have left the show as well. What? Yup, and that Jillian was sweating as many bullets as Danni.

The White Team had won the weekly competitions but not the weight challenges and when Dani won once again, Jillian thought she was a goner.


Bob's efforts paid off as the Blue Team ran up big numbers on the scale. Everyone contributed.

The Red Team did extremely well and thought they were safe until Danni, the standard bearer for the White Team was weighed.

Danni had a 2 pound advantage thanks to winning the weekly competition and didn't need it. She lost 9 pounds and sent Red Team to the voting booth.

Lisa was sent home and it seemed inevitable. She is the most stable, mature and has a built in support system at home. It's a shame that when a contestant shows strength and independence, the weaker links use it to vote him/her off the show.

Check out Lisa's progress since getting the boot. It's extraordinary. Video posted below.

NBC airs The Biggest Loser on Monday nights at 8 p.m ET/7p.m. CT and 8 p.m on the west coast. Image: NBC The Biggest Loser


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It seems obvious that Jillian will eventually be without a team and consequently be off the show as well. It should now also be obvious to her that she doesn't have to scare the contestants to death to make them lose weight since Danni lost 9 pounds with Jillian showing her soft side. Anyway once Danni is kicked off I hope the producers will allow Jillian to take on the kids (using her soft side of course), travelling to each one and spending a week or so in each city to be a hands-on trainer. We don't want to lose Jillian on her first season back.

Have her on a bit of a shuttle among the three. Can she behave for that long?

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