The Biggest Loser, how parents doom kids to obesity

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The usual hard work was done by team members on The Biggest Loser last night, but more time was spent highlighting how kids grow into obesity while parents watch.

The Biggest Loser shed one more contestant last night and this time it wasn't one of Jillian Michael's Team White

Update: Sunny faces her mother about her own obesity

Cate on Team Red, coached by Dolvett Quince was sacrificed by Loser teammates after she lost only two pounds for the second week in a row.

How the heck did the Red contestants lose the weight-loss challenge after Team Blue sat in a room for 4.5 hours each day, missing important workout time?

No one knows, including coach Dolvett, setting up a sad decision pitting Team Red members against each other.

There was a lively and interesting relay race during which all contestants who were cleared to participate did so. The obstacle to get past was a pit of bubblegum. Watch video posted below.

Watching these obese contestants try and move their legs through the pink slime as they sank up to their knees in it was difficult to watch, but with a prize of a year's worth of free groceries on the line, they worked to exhaustion.

Team Red triumphed, begging the question once again of how they lost the least amount of weight that week.

The key to last night's show however was the emphasis placed on the difficulty faced by children who become obese and remain so, while living with parents who control the grocery shopping and activity time.

The room that Team Blue sat in all week, taking more than four hours out of their days was decorated as if it were a play room.

Video games, television screens, chairs and couches dominated the decor.

They landed there after losing out to the other teams who answered more questions correctly on the subject of child obesity rates.

It gave rise to some puzzling comments by obese adult contestants.

Their shock and amazement at how children are pre-diabetic before puberty. spend nine hours a day without moving and eat more empty calories than nutritious ones seemed self-serving.

It's odd to see a man over 400 pounds express surprise at how kids grow big with adults on watch, when that man clearly couldn't help himself.

"The childhood obesity rate is gargantuan. Come on America, we've got to pay attention to that. The fact that the rate has tripled suggests we are doing something wrong. It needs to be fixed," said contestant Michael of Team Blue

The team was locked in and it was meant to mimic the way kids sit around without moving as they play games, watch movies or TV and generally remain idle, some while gobbling food that makes them fat.

Team Blue had to leave that room and workout afterwards. Teammates reported lethargy and an inability to get down to hard work afer the hours of inactivity.

The kids who are part of the The Biggest Loser this season, Sunny, Biingo and Lindsay got home visits from a pediatrician. Learn more about them, here.

Along with their parent or parents, they answered questions about their lifestyle. Biingo plays video games for nine hours a day on weekends, explained his mother. He slumped in his chair when the doctor said that no more than two hours is recommended.

Lindsay and her family were told she had become pre-diabetic by the age of 13. Tears were shed all around.

They then watched as the doctor cleaned their kitchen cupboards, pantries and refrigerator/freezers of all items that keep them locked into obesity.

Biingo's father sadly said, "I blame myself because I'm the one who brought the food in." Both he and his wife are obese.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser on Monday nights starting at 9ET/8CT. Image: NBC/The Biggest Loser

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