The Biggest Loser, Jillian goes soft to save Team White (VIDEO)

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In the season 14 two-part premiere, Jillian Michaels' team dwindled from five to three members. She had to change her approach to keep more from crumbling.

Jillian Michaels is back and Bob Harper celebrated that fact as The Biggest Loser experienced a first.

Three kids are part of the show, but they don't live at the ranch, get yelled at or put on a scale. They live at home for a week between appearances.

It's a delicate balance for NBC to keep everyone happy while still tackling the rampant child obesity problem in the United States.

The fat acceptance advocates were railing against using kids, while those trying to put an end to child obesity hailed it as groundbreaking. It truly is groundbreaking for network TV and The Biggest Loser. The show and the trainers make the most of it.

They have chosen three young teens who are articulate and upbeat. They can explain without embarrassment why they applied to appear on the show, which for those that know or are raising teens must see as miraculous.

Read "Sides form over kids", and watch Biingo's audition tape, here.

They get advice on how to eat and what to eat. The coaches engage them in simple cardio activity, some sports and the teens are made a part of the challenges for the adult teams.

The contestants love the kids being around and helping, while the children get a kick out of telling the adults what to do to win the challenge contests.

But, it's Jillian that has experienced the brunt of the hardship so far.

It was the same old Jillian to start the show with her White Team members. One member quit on day one after she was challenged to get to work or walk.

She chose the humiliation of leaving her team in the lurch and admitted that she wasn't ready for what it would take to transform herself. It stunned Jillian and it seemed to rock the rest of the team.

Their mental toughness looked like it was following their fallen team member out the door.

Of course, we understand that The Biggest Loser is one difficult way to lose weight and find a path to a healthier life.

It's a harsh way but the results are so quick and transformative, that the most committed and emotionally balanced decide to stay and survive.

When Jillian's team won the challenge, despite being one person down, it gave them a five-pound head start on the weigh-in eliminations. Jillian thought her harsh methods had been worth it.

Unfortunately, Team White's weight-loss was the lowest percentage of body weight among the three teams. That meant someone had to be sent home.

The red-line method was used on both nights of the season premiere. Some prefer that cut and dry mechanism over the votes of the team's contestants. What do you think about the red-line?

After that, Team White had only three members while the others had five and the survivors got the living daylights kicked out of them by Jillian, who realized they were at a tremendous disadvantage.

When one of them wasn't cleared to participate in the second challenge, only two people had to perform the tasks rather than four on other teams.

Once again Team White triumphed, but it wasn't until after Jillian had to do some motherly counseling and get to the heart of the emotional road blocks keeping her remaining contestants from excelling.

A group meeting with soft tones was a sight to behold, along with Jillian actually asking her team what she could do to make them perform to her standards. Watch the video posted below.

They didn't hold back and the mighty Jillian Michaels had met her match.

Takeaway message: Sometimes you need help to get the winning result and for Jillian, it was to get a bit warm and fuzzy. It succeeded as Team White didn't fall to third in the elimination weigh-in.

Will this set some kind of precedent and will we find Jillian acting as an amateur psychologist at The Biggest Loser ranch? Stay tuned.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser on Monday nights starting at 8:00 ET/PT. Image: The Biggest Loser/NBC


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Jillian was a little too abrasive at the start, and all my coworkers at DISH were happy that she decided to take a softer approach going in to the last weigh in. The remaining contestants on Team White are going to be stronger now, and I can’t wait to see how they do next week. Unfortunately I have class on Monday nights, so I’m going to catch up on Biggest Loser using Prime Time Anytime on my DISH Hopper. I love that my DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks, so I never have to worry about missing my favorite shows.

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