The Biggest Loser, kids learn what makes them fat

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The child contestants showed that in just eight weeks on The Biggest Loser they learned to make better food choices. Could you pass the pop quiz they took?

The Biggest Loser's project with the three kids, Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo has been a roaring success.

During the latest episode they came to the aid of the adults, by taking physical activity tests and answering questions about fat and caloric content of food.

The Seventy Pound Red-Line Challenge

This week the seven remaining adult contestants were told that one of them would be eliminated by a red-line challenge with a twist.

Everyone would be safe and return for another week at the ranch if their combined weight loss reached 70 pounds.

If not, the person who lost the lowest percentage of his or her body weight would wave goodbye.

With eight of them competing the previous week, they hadn't lost 70 pounds and as they all grew slimmer it looked unattainable.

The Kids Come to the Rescue

Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo were brought in to help the adults reduce that number to one that was considered more manageable.

Physical strength and conditioning test

The kids took the same physical challenge tests they did when they started the program. If they could best their totals or their time for a challenge, the adults would get a one pound reduction off the 70 pound total for each improved time or total.

Push ups, sit ups, pull ups and a one mile run demonstrated that the children had been working out at home, despite not being at the ranch or pushed daily by the trainers. They have learned to love their new activity level and what it's doing for their self confidence and their bodies.

The kids aced all the challenges and secured five pounds off the 70 pound weight loss number for the big folks.

The pop quiz on nutrition A test of how they make choices when presented with different foods or food combos on plates of equal size.

The kids got only one wrong out of five questions and impressed the adults, while helping them continue to reduce the pounds necessary for complete immunity of the group. Here's a sample of the questions: Can you answer them correctly?

Question: What's got more fat: Two large eggs and two slices turkey bacon or a a small bagel with two tablespoons of cream cheese?

Answer: Eggs and turkey bacon and the kids got it right.

Question: How many Chicken McNuggets could you eat if you had to limit yourself to 18 grams of fat? Six or twenty?

Answer: Six. Biingo knew this one immediately. Been reading those food labels, huh kid? You bet.

Question: Which plate has more carbs: one with spaghetti, meat sauce with garlic bread or the one with a bean burrito, chips and salsa?

Answer: The burrito and chips. The kids blew this one, going instead for the pasta.

Question: What has more calories: a double cheeseburger or a plate of french fries?

Answer: The fries and again, Biingo was painfully aware of that.

: What exceeds 1,000 calories, a large bucket of movie theater popcorn or a personal size pepperoni pizza?

Answer: the popcorn. They all agreed on this one.

The speed with which they made their decisions was impressive along with the results. The adults got four shaved off the 70 pound requirement. With the addition of five pounds that came off as a result of the physical challenges, the group "only" had to lose 61 pounds to stay intact.

The Final Results

It wasn't meant to be. The group came nowhere near the 61 pound total and that meant that Francelina, who only lost two pounds the entire week had to go home.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser each Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image: NBC, The Biggest Loser


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It was sad to see Francelina sent home last night, but I’m still really excited to see how all the remaining contestants do next week. I have to work a late shift at DISH next Monday though, so I won’t be able to watch the episode when it airs. I am going to catch up using my DISH Hopper and love that I never have to worry about setting timers because it automatically records all the prime time shows on NBC for me.

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