The Biggest Loser, Sunny and Biingo lead by example

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The Biggest Loser took another step in its child obesity initiative with a demonstration of how to engage kids in activity that is fun.

In the adult competition, it was finally time for Team Blue to lose a weight challenge and send someone home, on the latest episode of NBC's The Biggest Loser.

That person was David. More on how that came to be in video posted below.

Sunny and Biingo get their friends and schoolmates moving.

Lead by example, was the theme of last night's show and the trainers challenged the kids to do something that got those around them interested in being in better shape.

Sunny came up with an idea for circuit training. Her space wasn't a gym. Instead she got set up in her school gymnasium for fun and calorie burning exercise.

The Phys Ed teacher allowed Sunny to take over the class for a day and all got a got sweat, but smiles as well.

Multiple stations were set up to engage the class in challenges like The Biggest Loser does with the adults, but in milder form.

Sunny encouraged, laughed and participated as well. Her leadership skills were impressive. Her goal is still set. She wants to look fabulous in a prom dress and she is well on her way.

Biingo's lead by example exercise was a bit more straight forward.

He's already set up a team of kids that meet up on Saturday's at a local park to throw a ball around, play touch football and other outdoor activities.

Biingo promised his coach Bob that he would add to the number of the group and he did so. He asked for help to recruit others to get up and to the park each weekend.

The rallying cry worked and with Biingo able to move better on his broken foot that is almost healed, he was having a blast.

What's fabulous about what The Biggest Loser is doing to get the kids in shape is that it is a natural process rather than regimented. They remain at home with their families, attend school, but are engaged in Skype conferences with the trainers each week. They get to learn new work out techniques and receive love and encouragement from Jillian Bob and Dolvett.

How Team Blue lost David

In a switch from the usual team weigh-in procedure, only one person from each team was chosen to face the scale.

The person who lost the highest percentage of his or her body weight for the week carried the team to victory.

Team White triumphed and what an accomplishment it was.

Danni spent her second week as a team of one and she not only won the activity challenge but managed to lose enough to outpoint Team Red's Joe and Team Blue's Jeff.

Both men outweighed her by almost 100 pounds and Team White leader Jillian Michaels expected the worst, but was shocked into euphoria when Danni won.

The Team Blue decision to release David, while sad and gut wrenching for all, was a unanimous choice.

His leg brace was a hindrance to his ability to engage in the kind of intensive workouts that will now become necessary to keep losing the big numbers that win the weight challenges.

The Biggest Loser cameras caught up with him after he returned to his police beat in his hometown and David had succeeded in losing more than 80 lbs. since he started the show. He looks great.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser each Monday night beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT Image: NBC/The Biggest Loser, David


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Danni is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see her dominate on the scale again next week! Unfortunately I’ll be working my shift at DISH during next week’s epsisode, so I’m going to catch up using PrimeTime Anytime on my DISH Hopper. It’s great that I never have to worry about setting timers for my shows anymore because my DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks for me.

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