The Biggest Loser, Valentine's Day sweets

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When tempted by Valentine's Day confections only three of eight contestants on The Biggest Loser indulged. The others learned it was too painful to undo the damage.

The Biggest Loser's episode, "Tough Love" measured the will of the contestants in a new way.

The Two Pound Advantage

As Alison Sweeney said, Americans will buy 58 million pounds of chocolate candy for Valentine's Day and some of that was in front of the contestants as they faced a big decision.

This week's weigh-in would result in a yellow line challenge. Teams were disbanded and each Losers's weight loss would determine who remained at the ranch for another week.

The two people who lost the lowest percentage of their body weight for the week would be the subject of a vote, with one going home.

Then the temptation was revealed and a decision had to be made. How much were they willing to tempt fate to get a two-pound advantage?

All the cakes and candy on tables in front of them were labeled by caloric content. The person who consumed the most calories in 10 minutes would get two pounds added to their week's total weight loss AND could gift the same to a deserving fellow Loser.

The Strategies

Francelina spoke for those who believed they'd need the two pound advantage.

"It's two pounds. It's worth it, especially when it's individuals."

Gina spoke for the other side of the equation.

"They're so stupid. There would be no way I'd eat any of this. With what they eat the two pound advantage wouldn't even matter."

The Temptation, as they called it was performed in room without a speck of light, so that no one could see what anyone else was doing. Gina made it seem like she was eating by moving plates around.

Mike and Danni sat down on the floor so they weren't tempted, and Danni even did some stomach crunches while she waited for the ten minutes to pass.

The Decision

Francelina went all out as did Alex. Jeff decided to sample a few of the lowest calorie treats. Alex lost by only a hair as she consumed a bit over 1,000 calories. Francelina passed the 1,100 calorie threshold.

She won the two pounds and gifted the other to Alex for giving it her best shot.

The rest of the contestants feared the food, or the wrath of Jillian.

Danni: "I have to face Jillian Michaels and she will kill me if I touch a drop of this food."

Jackson: "All of us are so terrified. The trainers have all said, 'No sugar!', and it has been so ingrained in us. That stuff is so scary, it is a slippery slope back to our old eating habits."

What They Learned

At the episode's end, Francelina found herself in the bottom two, under the yellow line. Her two pound advantage didn't end up helping her after she ate a day's worth of calories in ten minutes.

Luckily for her, Michael was there with her at the bottom of the list and it was he that was voted off the show this week.

The contestants who didn't succumb to The Temptation felt pretty darn good about themselves and rightly so. Two pounds in exchange for eating all the sugar-filled snacks you can stuff in your mouth was no longer a choice for them.

While the winner of the show is called The Biggest Loser, these contestants all won by not being losers.

NBC airs new episodes of The Biggest Loser on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET. Image: NBC/The Biggest Loser

Some of it and more was sitting on plates in front of the losers


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My favorite part of the episode was when Danni started working out during the temptation challenge. She is my favorite contestant and I can’t wait to see how she does next week. Unfortunately I work a night shift at DISH next week so I’ll miss the episode. I’m planning to catch up using my DISH Hopper since it automatically records The Biggest Loser and all the other prime time shows on NBC for me.

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