Bizarre Foods America, Andrew Zimmern's new season starts in D.C.

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Get ready for the return of Andrew Zimmern and his Travel Channel journey through the country, highlighting America's bizarre food choices.

Bizarre Foods America begins its new season on the Travel Channel on Monday February* 11, with a one-hour review of clips from episodes that fans of the show call their favorites.

Immediately following is the seventh season premiere centered in our nation's capital. Andrew Zimmern will take viewers to everyday spots and much more.

From the Travel Channel's press release:

"Andrew Zimmern visits Washington, DC, for Salvadoran favorites, food trucks that feed hordes of hungry federal workers, and takes a trip back into history to taste what our forefathers ate. Whether it's a blackened snakehead sandwich made in a boat on the Potomac, peanut butter paired with foie gras, or Scrapple at a neighborhood grill known for its soul food."

Soul food the Horace & Dickie's way

When Andrew enters the place he puts his food fate in the hands of the person at the counter to make him a plate of the best they have to offer.

As Zimmern says, "Horace & Dickie's will fry anything that swims."

Frying is the technique used most often at soul food emporium, at least for fish, but our Bizarre Foods America host says, "Fried food doesn't have to be oily." That is true of the whiting served to him.

Iconic American food from a Spanish chef

Andrew Zimmern visits with Chef Jose Andres who has gone back to 19th century cookbooks and food diaries that date to Revolutionary War times. One of them is a list of notes from the personal chef to Thomas Jefferson himself.

Ethiopian culture and food come alive

What Zimmern calls the District's shining star are the Ethiopian cuisine eateries that dot the landscape. Andrew claims that Ethiopians, "...are the most visible immigrant community," in Washington. Little Ethiopia offers examples of good food and plenty of it. The neighborhood has grown from a haven for emigres to a popular hangout for diners hungry for fresh ingredients and new tastes.

For more information on the season premiere of Bizarre Foods America, hit up the show's website, here. Tune in to the Travel Channel next Monday night for the recap show and the visit to Washington, D.C., starting at 8:00 p.m. ET. Image: Travel Channel/Bizarre Foods America

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