On 'Bizarre Foods America' Austin, Texas food trucks rock

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The latest Bizarre Foods America took viewers to Austin, Texas and introduced them to a food phenomenon taking place on sidewalks and parking lots around the city.

Last week we saw Bizarre Foods America host Andrew Zimmern enjoy himself as he ate his way through the latest food trends in Los Angeles

The Travel Channel's foodie enjoys himself wherever he goes and yet he was positively giddy as he spent time among food trucks that dot the landscape of the Texas state capital.

They are not serving just Texas BBQ or the usual quick and easy sandwiches that are standard fare at trucks of the type.

Oh no my friends, Austin's food scene is diverse and daring, in line with Zimmern's description of the city being a mix of counter-culture and old fashioned Texas bravado.

The citizens have a "taste for experimentation that borders on the delirious," as he said. Experimentation? Yes, Bizarre Foods America came to the perfect place.

There are more than 1,600 food trucks throughout the city and while a few owners have moved on to own a restaurant, most of the folks who make it a way of life don't feel the need.

Some have put down roots so to speak, grouped together in parking lots that now feature picnic tables to enjoy the meal. They don't have any intention of moving anytime soon.

Zimmern tells us that they are cheap to run and it's very easy to obtain a license to operate so why not? Here's a look at some of the best of them featured on last night's show.

Gourdought's Big. Fat. Donuts: Donuts fried and made to order are then smothered, rather than topped with all manner of delightful tastes. There is the more typical dish called the Cherry Bomb that uses donut holes as its base topped with cake batter, cream cheese, cherries. For something completely different, how about the Mother Clucker.? An extra-large size donut covered in Cajun-style chicken strips and honey butter with optional bacon and jelly. Zimmern called it an "awesome riff on chicken and waffles."

Love Balls is Zimmern's choice for Japanese cuisine. Love Balls' specialty is Japanese street food. Takoyaki, seasoned batter in the shape of balls cooked with octopus chunks, scallions and ginger with toppings that include mayonnaise.

Eastside King was rated best of the food trucks that serve Asian cuisine and off Zimmern went for a taste. They sell Asian steamed buns filled with crisps sheets of fried chicken skin and Chinese sausage, covered in hosin sauce. Our intrepid host loved the mix of the soft bun with the extra crispy chicken skin.

Pig Vicious got Zimmern to try what he lovingly called "food porn". Bacon shakes made with pumpkin and the house specialty the Peanut Monkey Pig. Two slices of bread are thrown on the grill, slathered in peanut butter, topped with crispy bacon and banana slices which sent Zimmern into ecstasy.

After leaving the food trucks Andrew took us on a tour of local farms where they cultivate free range animals for their meat and well as some street-side restaurants. It was a tour not to be missed.

Travel Channel airs new episodes of Bizarre Foods America on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. If you missed any, click over to the show's website and catch a replay.

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