Bizarre Foods America: Duck Testicles Soup from the Gulf

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Ever hear of America's Third Coast? Strap in and listen to how the Gulf Shore delighted Andrew Zimmern and the Travel Channel folks for last night's Bizarre Foods America.

The Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods America took on a large region in which one thing seems clear.

The Third Coast is where people work hard for what they eat, shooting and catching their meals both for sport and out of necessity.

Stretching along the perimeter of the states of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana, The Third Coast is an outdoorsmen's paradise.

Then there are the entrepreneurs who are lucky enough to make their living at making those folks very happy.


One of them is Dustin Mizell, a hunter and fisherman whose prey include stingray. He runs a business/service called Fish Kabob.

As Zimmern learned, it's a species of fish known well and eaten around the world but in America, not so much.

"In America, most folks think they are too hard to catchy and too slimy to clean," he said.

With Dustin's pal Will Hughes, who is a chef as well as a culinary instructor Zimmern had a meal first prior to going out and learning how to catch them.

Prepping a skate for the meal, Will schooled us about it urinating through its skin, making cleaning the fish an absolute necessity.

After skinning the fillets he cut, Will grilled them in a collard green chimichurri and made them into soft tacos topped with pickled onions and salsa.

Zimmern only had this to say: "Wow, is that great. That rich buttery meat, perfect with all these acidic and sweet flavors."

All Things Duck

Then there is the farm just outside New Orleans owned by a chef on a mission.

World renowned chef John Besh, best known for his restaurants August and La Provence as well as his award-winning cookbooks wants to return to a time when family farms supplied food to the cities near them.

Post-Katrina, Besh decided to recover a rich history around New Orleans. Why not return to the days when food consumed in the city was grown and slaughtered within 50 miles?

He restored farms along the northern shores of Lake Pontchartrain, creating jobs and a tradition to pass along to future generations.

Off we went to visit Chappapeela Farm, a 40 acre place with nothing but pigs and ducks, that serves the New Orleans restaurant market.

It never hurts to see Andrew Zimmern claim he can catch a wild animal and he was at it again trying to nail down a duck to feast on. Check out the video posted below.

He had the most fun learning how to make duck testicles into a dish that curled his hair, if he had any on the top of his head that is.

The Travel Channel airs new episodes of Bizarre Foods America each Monday night, with repeats throughout the week.

Image: Travel Channel/Bizarre Foods America --- Duck Testicles Soup