Cassadee, Nicholas and Terry's The Voice compilations hot out of the gate

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Cassadee Pope, Nicholas David and Terry McDermott are having a great Christmas. Their compilation albums from their time on The Voice are hot and Heatseekers has the info.

Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart has The Voice finalists at #1(Pope), 3 (David) and 4 (McDermott) as their compilations debut.

The Heatseekers chart measures "The week's top-selling albums by new or developing acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100 of the Billboard 200 or the top ten of R&B/Hip Hop Albums, Country Albums, Latin Albums, Christian Albums and Gospel Albums."

Cassadee Pope is riding high. So high that even her self-titled EP released in May 2012 has once again charted, according to Billboard. Her Voice compilation debuted simultaneously on the Billboard 200 at #125. Watch her singing "Stupid Boy" by Keith Urban in video posted below.

Is this a regular event for winners of The Voice. No way according to the music industry media source. Neither Javier Colon nor Jermaine Paul, winners of season one and two respectively had any such success.

In fact, Jones and Colon didn't have a compilation album on the market after their big wins on NBC's hit singing competition.

Paul has yet to release an album and Colon's entitled "Come Through For You" has sold a total of 45,000 units so far.

Nicholas David and Terry McDermott are having success as well. Their compilation of songs from their time on The Voice are ranked just behind Cassadee's.

What does that say? Maybe all future finalists would benefit from a compilation album. For that to happen, someone would have to take the financial risk to make it and release it.

These three captured America's interest and they couldn't be more different in style, look or personality.

Cassadee came out strong out of the box and only gained momentum as coach Blake Shelton chose songs to feature the non-pop side of her talent.

Shelton didn't take McDermott in the same direction. Terry's classic rock prowess was highlighted each week until the final week.

If anyone was the surprise hit of the show it was Nicholas David.

As a cool, beat-hippie throwback to the '60s and 70's coffee house or small club acts one would not have thought him to outlast the big voice of 18 year-old R&B artist Trevin Hunte.

He was a perfect match for coach CeeLo Green, a man who is comfortable with his professional persona as the purveyor of all things unusual. Green pushed Nicholas to increase his vocal range and to go for broke with his rendition of soul classics by Bill Withers among others.

Season four of NBC's The Voice will be upon us before we can say boo.

The first show is set to debut on March 25, 2013 and two new coaches will fill the chairs formerly occupied by CeeLo and Christina Aguilera.

The two are either touring or engaging in other music/TV projects for one season prior to their return. In come Shakira and Usher to take their place.

Image: NBC/The Voice winner Cassadee Pope

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