Chuck Norris vs. Van Damme debate on American Pickers

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When the American Pickers Mike and Frank found a Chuck Norris Halloween costume at a collector's home, it set off a wild discussion about his prowess and that of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

It happened suddenly. Mike and Frank were rummaging around a collector's place and found a large comic book collection.

As fans of History channel's America Pickers are well aware, the guys have a soft spot for certain collectibles that they must have.

Sometimes it's for themselves rather than for resale at one of their locations. Mike hit the jackpot when he found the very first Marvel comic book that introduced the character Spider Man.

"Amazing Fantasy" #15. There it was, with Spider Man on the cover kicking some unfortunate soul off the roof of a building.

It was in good condition, and Mike could not go on, despite the rest of the collector's vast array of items, until he found out if it was even for sale.

"Here I am, staring at this pivotal issue in comic book history. Some collectors go their whole lives without holding an issue like that in their hands."

Think Mike was in love? they settled on a price and Mike thought he'd seen the best of everything on that particular day, but he was wrong.

There was a Chuck Norris Halloween costume, including a mask that made Mike dip right into adoration mode. Frank, his partner thought Norris could be taken by Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The discussion began.

Mike said, "Chuck Norris is so tough he can sneeze with his eyes open and deliver a round-house kick to your temple before you say, "Bless You". "

Frank countered with "I don't think Chuck Norris could beat Claude Van Damme," forgetting to add the "Jean" to the first name. It gave Mike an opening.

"How do you say that name? You think that sounds tough?" Mike then explained that if the two engaged in a fight, Jean-Claude would be the loser. "He'd get beat up so bad, he'd have to go take lessons from Steven Seagal."

After the Pickers left the collector's place, the Chuck Norris talk continued, until Mike finally ended it with this:

"Chuck Norris is the baddest dude. He can do a one-hand pushup while sitting in a chair."

Frank, in ridicule said, "Chuck Norris is so tough when he wants an egg, he cracks open a chicken." It devolved from there and the Van Damme vs. Norris talk stopped.

What do you think? Who would kick who's butt in a fight? The comment section is open.

You can watch the scenes from the full episode on the History Channel site for American Pickers. "Picking Superheroes" is the title. Link here.

History is airing new episodes of American Pickers Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Alan Light Chuck Norris 1976


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Chuck Norris.

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Personnally, I'd have to read the script first and know who was producing this next full action scenario.

of the Norris vs. Van Damme scenes in a full episode of the show posted on American Pickers site. A link is provided above at the end of the article. Enjoy

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Van damme wold beat chucks ass! van damme isn't even his real name. Look it up van damme was a kickboxing champion before turning to acting

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