Cinco de Mayo ideas from Weight Watchers

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Cinco de Mayo celebrations don't have to wreck your diet and eating program. Weight Watchers has tips to help.

Cinco de Mayo parties are only days away. How do you stay on the lighter side with the temptations that surround you?

Weight Watchers offers ideas that are both practical and delicious The tips are care of Leslie Fink, the company's Recipe Editor/Nutritionist.

Alcohol Consumption

Think about mixing wine or hard liquor with club soda or diet soft drinks. A wine spritzer fits the bill nicely. Use half the wine you would pour, making up for it with ice and sparkling soda.

Have one glass of water or iced tea served along with your alcoholic beverage of choice. Alternate sips to stretch the time between drinks with liquor.

Guacamole Dip

It's not the dip that does you in. It is what you use to scoop it into your mouth. Sliced veggies are always a good way to go, but if chips are an absolute must for you, make them popped or baked.

An easy way to deal with it all is to create your own tortilla chips. Cut up raw tortillas, brush with some oil and sprinkle a bit of sea salt on top, then pop in your pre-heated oven at 350 degrees until crisp, about 8-12 minutes.

Cheese Substitutes

Use fresh pico de gallo to top off your chips. If you can't live without cheese, substitute shredded pieces rather than slices or slabs when melting it in the oven.

Try low-fat sour cream for a change. Mixed with chilies, hot sauces, Mexican seasoning or Cajun if you like, it's unlikely you'll notice a material difference in the taste.

Ground beef vs. ground turkey

Unless it is lean ground turkey, don't presume you're eating lighter than if you use beef that isn't at least 93% lean. As Leslie Fink suggests, "Plain ground turkey, as opposed to lean ground turkey or ground turkey breast, can have more fat and calories than lean ground beef.”

For a complete list of Weight Watchers suggestions for the holiday, click over here.

What about yellow rice? It's not a Mexican plate without it. Here is a link to some great yellow rice recipes to serve with other Mexican-style dishes on Cinco de Mayo. Enjoy!

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