Clover Food Lab expanding, still fast and healthy

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At Clover Food Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts iPhones are in use by servers and it has nothing to do with making phone calls while on duty.

A trip to a Clover Food Lab location in and around Harvard Square gets a hungry patron a quick and efficient experience.

Customers are greeted by the menu on the wall and read it off a flat screen monitor.

Orders are taken by servers on their iPhones and mobile scanners are used to take payment.

Clover's founder Ayr Muir claims that each person is served what they ordered in under four minutes.

"This is Fast Food. We’re obsessed with speed and constantly time ourselves. Our average serve times are around 3.5 minutes, which makes us a little slower than McDonald’s," Muir states on the company's website.

In addition to that you reap the benefit of Clover's pledge to "...make food you love, the kind you talk about and look forward to eating. The Clover Food Lab is serving up a new type of fast food. This food is local, it’s just-cut, when we can it is organic."

Clover's tagline is "Everything will be different tomorrow" and except for a few menu favorites, they're right.

The food is locally sourced and so fresh that quantities are purchased to satisfy that day's meal estimates.

How do we know that? From Clover's Twitter accounts, one for each location (currently two in Cambridge with two others coming in May) and food truck.

Yes, Clover Food Lab has seven food trucks with three others coming soon.

The food truck outside Boston University tweeted early this afternoon: "You guys were hungry today. Only a few chickpea fritters and BBQs left, out of everything else so we will be closing at 2 today. "

Can it get any more plain that this business means business and stands by its pledge?

Clover Food Lab locations use no freezers on the premises and you can watch your food being prepared. No back room stuff going on.

Up to 60% of Clover's ingredients are organic, they never contain preservatives and the food is served on all-compostable material.

A sample menu from a food truck reveals nothing costs more than $7.00 and that is for food platters. Sandwiches run $6.00 and soup $3.00.

A menu staple is the chickpea fritter sandwich. Some other sandwich choices today are egg with eggplant, a soy BLT and BBQ seitan.

It's not surprising that the locations are stationed in and around the many colleges campuses in Boston, but with their expansion Clover will be elsewhere very soon.

A growing empire of healthy and fast food locations, both mobile and stationary is something to cheer about. So....Hurray!

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