Conrad Murray trial update: autopsy photo of M.J. introduced

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The trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray resumed on Tuesday with the jury viewing the singer, naked on a gurney after listening to Murray's side of the story.

Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial was back in session after a Columbus Day recess and the jury listened to the rest of Murray's two-hour interview by LAPD that took place shortly after the singer's death.

Part of the interview had been played in court late last week and the jury heard Murray tell the police about his medical treatment of Michael Jackson, his efforts to revive the singer when he stopped breathing and his discovery that Jackson was seeing other doctors without his knowledge.

Murray said that in essence that Jackson was "cheating" on him behind his back by seeking medical help from at least one other physician who prescribed medication for the singer.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the other doctor was Arnold Klein, M.D. “I realized that he’s also seeing other physicians. But he does not disclose to me,” Murray said.

Dr. Murray continued: "His production team had said to me recently that his worst days on the set is when he had gone to Dr. Klein’s office, which is about three times a week; and when he came back, he was basically wasted and required at least 24 hours for recovery.”

The doctor was asked about the bags of medication and devices he claims that he kept at Jackson's home and what he prescribed that might have been in the bags. It was then that Dr. Murray admitted that Jackson had been using the surgical anesthetic propofol under his supervision.

Propofol use is at the heart of the prosecution's case because it is typically only administrated by anesthesiologists prior to surgeries performed in a hospital or medical center setting.

Murray has repeatedly said that Jackson begged him for the propofol when all other sleep inducing medication had failed to alleviate what Murray said was the singer's chronic insomnia, telling LAPD detectives that Michael Jackson called it milk, "He said, 'Please, please, give him some milk so that I can sleep, because I know that this is all that really works for me,' " Murray said.

During the testimony of Dr. Christopher Rodgers, who performed the autopsy on Jackson's body, the prosecution showed a photo of Jackson's naked body on a gurney, waiting to be examined. has published a screen shot of the photo, using discretion to black-out Jackson's genitals.

Murray's defense team has begun to hammer prosecution witnesses during cross-examination about its theory that Michael Jackson administered the lethal dose of propofol to himself while Murray was otherwise occupied in Jackson's home.

Dr. Rodgers testified that the coroner found no facts that would lead to belief that Jackson caused his own death. He refuted that theory by saying that in the two-minute absence that Murray says was necessary for a bathroom break, it is highly unlikely that Jackson woke up from his sedative-induced sleep, found the propofol and took the drug in a dose that would cause him to cease breathing, prior to Murray's return.

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