Cronuts and Craigslist, happy couple?

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The Cronuts craze is still smoking hot at Dominique Ansel's bakery in NYC. Just check out Craigslist to see what fans are willing to trade for one sweet treat.

Sales of Cronuts have not slowed and months into their existence, a Cronuts exchange on Craiglist has gone to the dark side.

That's right, physical intimacy for Cronuts please.

Dominique Ansel's unique pastry has caused a stir that doesn't look like it will abate anytime soon. Read: Will the Cronut become the new Krispy Kreme?

The long lines to get a crack at one or more have created jobs for people who are paid to wait.

Then there is the enterprising person who will deliver a Cronut to your address, all for the low price of $80.00. Sounds like the professional line waiters have a transportation component to their business plan.

Now we learn that Craigslist has gotten down and dirty.

The Huffington Post reported on what fans of Cronuts are will to do. One gentleman offered a marriage proposal, but that is a guy who can't deal with the lines.

An enterprising man who swears he has the goods has promised to hand over a Cronut to a woman who promises to do the nasty one time, in exchange for the elusive pastry.

The man is single white and in his 30's, at least that is what the ad says, and while you think it smells of desperation you haven't heard the rest.

"Send description," is right there in the ad right after "Seeking females only."

That's one confident dude, but let's break down what the problems could be for a woman who is considering the offer.

Let's start with the obvious.

Does it matter what neighborhood he lives in? An upper East Side address might be more inviting that having to schlep to Staten Island, but maybe not if the lady is an outer borough resident herself.

How do you know he's got the Cronut? Do you meet outside his home and ask to see it first? Do you care if it's stale? Who knows how long ago he bought the thing?

Once that is out of the way, will it matter what he looks like? Will he need to produce a medical test certificate that is fairly recent?

The man's concerns might be limited to two: will an undercover cop show up and arrest him for solicitation and will the woman perform as required.

All of this points to what the Cronut has become. It is now a currency. It might be not Bitcoin, but it tastes much better. What's next?

Image: Dominque Ansel Bakery website