Dallas area clubs seek 10,000 strippers for Super Bowl week

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There is a shortage of strippers in and around Dallas, the site of Super Bowl XLV.

TMZ reports that club owners have decided they need about 10,000 women on a temporary basis, who would be expected to cater to the many fans interested to pay for their unique services.

The most common activity, according to those that run the Triple-X night clubs is the lap dance. With an influx of about 300,000 people in the week leading up to the big game, 10,000 is just about the right number of additional "entertainers".

A sample flier used as an employment solicitation by the Showtime Cabaret says it directly but not without some delicacy.

"Are you coming to DFW for the big game week? Want a Safe, Clean Club to make $$$ in? We are looking for only the best entertainers to fill out our roster."

There's more in the advertisement but that should get the message across. To demonstrate how busy these establishments expect to be, the flier offers both day and night time work shifts. Since Cowboys Stadium can only hold a bit more than 100,000 people, even game time is expected to be very busy.

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