Dance Moms and Abby reunite, first place results

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Abby and her team triumphed once again, but having Sophia around who isn't a homegrown talent might be too much for the Dance Moms.

Harmony may not have been easy and still not truly attainable, but for Lifetime's Dance Moms, it was about as close as viewers will see for the foreseeable future.

The band got back together, including Kelly during the episode entitled "But, I'm a National Champion!"

What was at stake?

Without Kelly and her kids, the moms who won that national championship last season didn't want to be part of the Abby Lee Dance Studio.

They walked out the previous week and Miller replaced each and every one of the girls. Read: Dance Moms on strike, Yvette returns for some revenge

It's not hard to do when you're Abby and with one phone call you can summon the best dancers in the country to fill-in or become permanent members of her team.

Have you seen the adoration of fans when the large and in-charge Abby gets to a competition venue?

The screaming of little girls sounds like it's a Justin Bieber concert. At least some of that is for the winning dancers too and Abby made that abundantly clear to the kids who came back with their moms.

Unfortunately, last week's hastily assembled replacement team didn't win first place in the group competition and it was the opening the moms were looking for.

Both sides had something to gain and something to lose.

The kids wanted back into the Abby Lee success machine as did the moms. Abby wanted her winning team back together.

Yet, Abby can't allow the moms to run her life, her studio and ruin her track record.

When they returned to ask back in, including Kelly, Abby agreed but not without extracting a price. Sign on the dotted line, she demanded, and if you don't agree to these terms throughout the season, there will be dire consequences.

Her point was this: Do you think anyone would want your autograph and to snap photos of you if you hadn't won a national championship?

The answer is clearly no.

Abby also used that to motivate, in her own tough way. Don't rest on your laurels was her message. Don't come back here if think you won't get yelled at or pushed.

It takes as much if not more effort and desire to repeat as champion, than it did to make it there i the first place.

The one fly in the ointment for the moms however, was Sophia. She was the only replacement kept after the reunion and she was a winner.

Her first place solo from the previous week saved the day for Abby and she wasn't about to give that up. When Miller favored her during rehearsals the moms got their backs up.

After Christi's daughter Chloe got a special award to add to the group dance first place and one for Sophia's solo, Christi bristled at Abby's criticism of Chloe's technique.

Stop using Sophia against us. "Chloe's been at your studio since she was two. Why don't you say, 'this is how you fix it?' You are a plagiarist, because that little girl is somebody else's student and you just put your name on her back."

Fair? Sure it is. Will Abby acknowledge it? No, at least not yet. She didn't have a quick comeback for that though, did she?

What do you think? Should Sophia be used as a weapon against the rebellious and noisy moms?

Tune in next Tuesday night on A&E for another new episode of Dance Moms, airing at 9:00 p.m ET. Miss any of the episode? All are available at the show's website, here. Image: A&E/Dance Moms

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