Dance Moms season 3, is Abby Miller any thinner?

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Abby Lee Miller, fresh off her hit Ultimate Dance Competition was in no mood to brook defiance or indifference on a fresh season of Lifetime's Dance Moms.

What do you do if your daughter and her dance team just came off a successful showing at nationals and school's out for the summer?

if you say that you went on a bit of a holiday then you'd be in for a tongue lashing from Abby Lee Miller.

With Miller in Los Angeles filming Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, the girls back in Pittsburgh missed a practice or two and enraged the queen of dance mean. Catch up on the final results of the Dance Competition and all the noise of Asia.

The moms learned that the success in L.A. gave Abby an ego boost and boy were they right. Watch video clip posted below.

"Who do they think they are? If they don't appreciate me, I'm not gonna put all that work into them. I made you. I can make seven other kids," Miller said.

Dance Moms kicked off its new season with one significant member missing from the mom brigade.

Kelly and her two daughters were no longer part of the group and Abby decided to wreak havoc as a result of that and her dancers missing practice.

What's that old saying? "When the cat's away the mouse will play." Well the cat came back with claws freshly sharpened.

Who needs Kelly and her two kids? There is a whole world of aspiring dancers who would love to be yelled at by Abby Lee Miller.

Open auditions were held and the rest of the Dance Moms group watched with a wary eye, as girls from as far away as Australia strutted their stuff for Abby.

When the moms believed their daughters were going to be shoved aside for someone who hadn't been through the boot camp that is Miller's teaching style, they didn't like it one bit.

The newly chosen Alley got the lead part in the group dance and her mother Shelly was warned about the moms picking her apart.

Miller toyed with their emotions to such a degree that she suggested she might not put the group number on stage at the upcoming week's competition.

That didn't sit well with Holly whose daughter Nia didn't have a solo. Why should she trek across the country to Denver if her little girl wouldn't even make it on stage?

Bad question to ask of Abby Lee Miller. It's a team, she tried to explain and guess who is the head of the team?

When the moms talked about Abby's inflated ego they also discussed her weight.

What's interesting is that one of them called her skinny, until corrected by another who said she might be thinner, but skinny was far afield from what Abby Lee Miller is.

It has been the unspoken topic in the room when Abby would saunter in and now it's out in the open. The same mom who rehected the use of the word "skinny" told the dancers, " You heard the fad lady sing in the hall. It's time to go." It will be interesting to see if Miller's physical appearance becomes more of the discussion

What do you think? Could you tell that Miller slimmed down a bit?

Lifetime airs new episodes of Dance Moms, Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Lifetime/Dance Moms/Abby Lee Miller Bobblehip


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Not sure about that but I did think when watching her on the competition show that she looked like she was gaining weight.She was looking huge on that show so maybe she did loose a few lbs before heading back to the dance moms show

But I noticed as you did that she seemed to fluctuate in L.A. She is one very big lady.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It does look like Abby has lost some weight even though she is a naturally larger woman. That has to be difficult when u are in the publics constant and very critical eye! I like Abby and I think the dance moms are some spoiled witches...I think it's hilarious that Christy is so judgmental when she looked pregnant on the preshow!

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