Dance Moms on strike as Yvette reappears for revenge

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Abby Lee Miller knows what to do when faced with a revolution. She's got dance candidates on speed dial. Everyone is replaceable.

The new season of Dance Moms on Lifetime has jumped into a roiling mess with its dance shoes pointing the right way.

Abby Lee Miller got angry in the last episode about the defection of Kelly and her two girls from the team that won the national championship.

She was also less than pleased about the others lack of work ethic over the summer, while she toiled away in Los Angeles on her series, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.Read: Is Abby Lee Miller any thinner this season on Dance Moms?

Abby reached out for a new dancer named Alley who promptly helped the other girls win in the group competition.

During this week's episode entitled "Out With The Old, In With the New", the moms got their panties in a twist about the unfairness of replacing Kelly's kids with Alley.

They went on strike and pulled their girls from the next week's contest. Don't they know that Abby Lee Miller will do everything in her power to break their wildcat strike?

"The show must go on. There's a competition this weekend in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I'm gonna work on Alley's solo," Miller declared.

That wasn't all. When it became apparent the others weren't returning, Abby quickly called dancers who wanted to be part of the Abby Lee Dance Group.

These moms and their kids dropped everything for the chance. Nonetheless, jealousy lives in every crevice of a dance mom's life and there was some dissension among those that arrived to save Abby's Ft. Wayne appearance.

The jealousy surrounded a little girl named Sophia who Abby touted as a winner and well known on the dance competition circuit.

She pulled off a miracle by taking first prize for her solo dance with little rehearsal time.

Unfortunately it wasn't enough for Abby. Why? Because the dreaded Yvette and daughter Hadley were in the competition too.

Yes, the woman with the Snooki-like tan, bleached blonde hair and a smile that hides evil thoughts was back. Were you surprised to see her?

Yvette was one of the two biggest troublemakers in L.A. during Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. Abby had been characteristically cruel when she called Hadley, "roadkill" after a less than stellar performance.

Yvette had used every trick to keep better dancers from shining and started a feud with Kristi, mom of little Asia.

It was all out war until Hadley got eliminated. Read: Yvette finally silenced on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.

Bad blood existed on both sides and when Hadley's group triumphed over Abby's quickly assembled group, Miss Miller was livid.

While this was going on, the on-strike moms put together a routine to be performed at the local mall and Kelly's girls were along for the ride.

While the audience loved them, Dance Mom Holly noted that the girls didn't dance as well without the coaching they got in Abby's class.

Who will break first in the attempt to get back together? Tune in next week for the next episode of Dance Moms, at 9:00 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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