Dave Hester creates own Storage Wars with lawsuit

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Dave Hester is ready to blow up a good thing with Storage Wars, after filing a civil lawsuit for damages. The show is perpetrating a "fraud" on us say the court papers.

We heard the rumblings about Dave Hester parting company with A&E and its production company responsible for the popular show Storage Wars.

It's now official and there are filed court papers to prove it. Link to court documents posted below.

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The return of a new season of Storage Wars will close the door on the Dave Hester chapter, unless a settlement is reached and the parties can kiss and make up.

It's hard to fathom since like the ugly litigation about "Two and a Half Men", involving Charlie Sheen, CBS and Chuck Lorre this lawsuit of Hester's is just plain nasty.

Hester is represented by the very well known and powerful law firm of Lavely & Singer, and his lead attorney is none other than Marty Singer, attorney to the stars.

A small list of Singer's clients care of Abovethelaw.com: Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Piven, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Harry Reid, Quentin Tarantino, and Sylvester Stallone.

Above The Law reported on a N.Y. Times story about Singer which gives you a glimpse into why stars use him.

"[...n]othing gets Mr. Singer going like a whiff of defamation," with Singer's motto being “...kill, or at least maim, unflattering stories that have yet to surface.”

This time, it's not prevention of a story going public that would embarrass a star.

It's a straight-out suit for damages after what Hester, through Singer, claims was a wrongful termination and retaliation on the part of the defendants for Hester's complaints about what he calls, "...fraud on the public and its television audience."

Fans of Storage Wars on A&E have been defrauded because of what Hester says are items planted in storage lockers and other shenanigans.

No word yet on whether Barry Weiss, Brandi and Jarrod, or Darrell Sheets and son Brandon agree with Hester's viewpoint.

We do know that auctioneer Dan Dotson vehemently denies it all. TMZ quoted him as saying, "We only sell legitimate units on Storage Wars. Every unit goes through a 64-day legal process and no one has access to units prior to auction.”

Hester must think his settlement or judgement in the case will take the place of what he got from the show. What do you think his chances are of getting rich that way?

Did you know about Hester prior to Storage Wars and do you care now that he is off the show? Comment section is open.

Link to court papers, here.

Meanwhile, new episodes of Storage Wars air tonight on A&E starting at 9:00 p.m. ET. Dave is listed as appearing.....not for long it looks like. Image: A&E


Submitted by garry (not verified) on
I love the show, and I will not miss Dave Hester for one second, I have never been to an actual auction but his tactics are that of a moraly bankrupt miser

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm glad he's leaving -- he's a smart ass anyway -- I'm sure no one will miss him -- he is the least affable one on the show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i,m so happy dave is off the show thank god l.o.l. why now he want to file a civil law suit? i mean how this show been on and "now" he want to file a law suit who he thinks he`s kidding not me and i hope not others. i guess when u all tap out of money this will be the easy way to try to get a quick lawsuit. i'm not surprise just like how he would bid on a locker really didnt want and would bid higher and higher so others could spend all what they had to spend for that day and then he would drop out the bid then bragg about how they in the hole and how he really didnt want that locker. he`s just plan old dirty straight up the way just played them all out barry,jared&brandi,darrell,@barry now A&E if that's not dirty then what is.please do not let him back on the show also pick wisely who you pick to be on use guy's show.my blessings is with A&E TV SHOW.kmey13@gmail.com

Submitted by Anita (not verified) on
I am glad Dave got the axe! He is so annoying with his immature YUPP. He is rude and not a professional. He acts so arrogentand bids ppl up out of spite. What does he get out of that? And when he gets stuck overpaying for a locker he acts like he won and goes through the items putting uunrealistic prices to make himself not look so stupid. But we the fans know better. Dqve u suck and everyone hates u! Enjoy ur bankrupsy!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Every show needs a villain. Hester played the role of a jerk so well that it will be hard to find someone as rotten to fill his spot.

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