Dr. Oz attracts 1 million participants in Million Dollar Challenge

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Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation and its Million Dollar Challenge to lose weight this year, have attracted one million registrants in the contest to win the big prize.

The Million Dollar Challenge was created by The Dr. Oz Show in conjunction with Weight Watchers, Int.

The nationally syndicated smash hit that has an Emmy Award to its credit has achieved a significant milestone. In a press release today it proudly announced the good news.

"This unprecedented amount of participants is the largest quantifiable cohort measuring public health impact ever instigated by a television program. Since the health challenge launched on September 26, viewer response has been robust, with hundreds of thousands of people registering each time a new step was introduced on "The Dr. Oz Show."

Dr. Oz and Weight Watchers: Register to win the Million Dollar Challenge

Dr. Mehmet Oz had a statement in the release in which he applauded his viewers and all those who took the challenge to get healthier.

"Hopefully, this massive group of driven individuals will draw even more to register, and spread the message of health and wellness as beacons of hope to millions more."

In line with the famous phrase from the film "Field of Dreams" Dr. Oz realized that if you build a program that is accessible people will come and join it.

"The fact that one million people were motivated to seek out a pathway to better health is evidence that if we make it easy to do the right thing, people will."

It doesn't hurt that along with the guidance and the partnership with Weight Watchers there is a huge cash prize for the winner of the Million Dollar Challenge. The fact that the good doctor chose to align his efforts with Weight Watcher, International helps add luster to the company's designation as the #1 weight loss program as judged by U.S. News and World Report.

Both Weight Watchers and Dr. Mehmet Oz have declared 2012 as "The Year to Believe" and the contest has made believers out of many.

The Million Dollar Challenge was rolled out in September 2011 and extends through April 9, 2012. After registration, participants are directed to their nearest Weight Watchers center for a free weigh-in and BMI index check.

No one is forced to join Weight Watchers to remain eligible for the program since registrants can follow the next steps at Dr. Oz's website and by watching The Dr. Oz Show.

Jennifer Hudson shared recipes with Dr. Oz last month that she credits with helping her maintain the 80 pound weight loss she achieved on the Weight Watchers PointsPlus system.

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