'Draping' goes viral ahead of 'Mad Men' season premiere

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Is "Draping" the next "Tebowing" phenomenon? Tumblr has posted multiple photo examples of people posing like Don Draper.

The image of the character of Don Draper, photographed from behind, seated on a couch with a right arm outstretched along the top of the furniture, is on the way to the status of "planking" and the more recent "Tebowing".

Ahead of the March 25 season five premiere of AMC's four-time Emmy Award winning drama "Mad Men" it seems that Draping is aiming to be the next meme. Link to Tumblr "Draping" posted below.

AMC tweeted today, "#Draping > #Tebowing." and who is to say they aren't on point?

Actor Jon Hamm a/k/a Don Draper adorns the front cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly and he will undoubtedly be making the rounds of the talk shows to promo the much anticipated season 5 of the Matthew Weiner creation, that made it cool again to recall the decade of the Sixties, without referring to assassinations, riots and the Vietnam War.

Although, with the new season jumping ahead in time, according to Weiner (season 4 ended in 1965) the war in Southeast Asia is sure to make an appearance in the scripts, even if just as backdrop to scenes of the advertising firm of Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce.

As if the anticipation weren't enough, fans have been teased with all manner of product tie-ins, endorsements and even an advertising controversy. Less than two weeks ago, it was reported that New Yorkers were in a bit of a tizzy about outdoor ads for the show plastered on building sides in Manhattan.

Fans of Mad Men are familiar with the black and white image of a man in a dark business suit tumbling to earth with a Manhattan skyscraper as backdrop. It accompanies the opening credits for the four-time Emmy Award winner for best drama.

They depict a stark white background with a man in a black suit falling to an unknown fate, in line with the opening credits of the show. Advertising Age reported that New York City residents said it is too reminiscent of workers in the World Trade Center who fell or jumped to their deaths as the towers burned. Read: Mad Men billboard evokes 9/11 memories in N.Y.

Last week, Banana Republic rolled out its clothing lines for women and men inspired by the fashions of the times as depicted in the show and Newsweek's Tina Brown is readying an issue of Newsweek to commemorate the return of "Mad Men."

The magazine will feature the show on the cover, with a full story inside. It will also have a look that will remind Baby Boomers of the days when news magazine pages were streamlined, without the graphics and bold typeface of today. Newsweek is encouraging advertisers and their agencies to create art and copy that harkens back to the '60s.

AMC is airing the 2010 episodes early on Sunday mornings to remind fans of where the action stopped. Until March 25 they will have to satisfy themselves with joining the "Draping" crowd and posting on
Tumblr, here.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Luck the Lady

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