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Drop Dead Diva can't seem to decide if it wants a happy or sad ending to the Jane and Owen story. Last night during "Ashes to Ashes" we saw Owen return only to dump her again.

UPDATE---August 12, 2012----In last night's episode viewers see how Jane and Owen go back to business as usual as does Grayson.
Jane Bingum had burned and buried all physical pieces of evidence that she ever dated and was engaged to a man named Owen.

As fans of Drop Dead Diva know, the action had moved once again to Jane and Grayson's slow and painful dance around each other. The pair co-chaired a situation with a grief stricken client that had Grayson expressing raw emotions about the loss of Deb.

Viewers had to ask, "Is this the moment Jane and Grayson finally choose each other?" Instead one almost needed Dramamine for the back and forth nature of the romantic action that heated up with the return of Owen.

Jane asked if it was really him as he just showed up at her office without a warning call. No, he hadn't been shacked up with an old girlfriend in Minnesota, he informs her. He was at the Mayo Clinic getting open heart surgery after he suffered a heart attack. Read: Owen gone for good?

Owen has had a heart condition, unbeknownst to Jane and when it got serious enough to get it nailed down and potentially treated, he chose to hide it from Jane and say he was off with a friend on a short holiday.

He suffered the attack when he arrived there, had emergency surgery and was put into an induced coma until he could safely be awakened and allow his own heart to take over the blood pumping function.

The condition is still delicate and Owen used the infamous phrase, "Jane, we've got to talk."

She stalked out of her office after she agreed to speak with him at length that night at her apartment. Jane then went about working with Grayson on the case of a woman who was battling her fiance's mother for his ashes.

After conferring with Stacy, Jane decided to take Owen back but lo and behold, he dumps her once again. Why? Because he "can't" commit to a marriage with potential sudden death hanging over his head.

How many times does one girl deal with getting dumped by the same man? How weak and uncommitted can that man be when he doesn't trust the woman he professes to love with his medical history?

When Grayson and Jane solved the problem for their client, he told Jane that her tenacity and never give up attitude is what makes her a great lawyer and advocate for her clients. Duh...why can't she use the same method on her reluctant former fiance?

She does and refuses to accept Owen's dumping. After pledging their mutual love for each other the ring goes back on Jane's finger, but is it the result fans really want?

What do you think of Jane's decision about Owen? The comment section is beckoning you.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I do NOT want to see Grayson and Jane together. Grayson has shown time and time again that he is shallow enough to only want a woman for her looks. This is why he keeps his emotional distance from Jane, isn't it? It is not grief, because we have seen Grayson date, sleep with, fall in love with, get engaged to MANY beautiful, thin women. The fact that Jane/ Deb does not see this bothers me... doesn't she realize that he only loved her for her looks? Deb has really grown since living as Jane. Her transformation is amazing, and we have seen the same in Stacy. Sadly, Grayson is still stuck in his blinded world of judging a woman by her looks and her weight. Sad. He certainly does NOT deserve Jane, and I would hate to see her settle for him. I like Owen, but that story line of Owen checking into the Mayo Clinic without giving emergency contact information was lame. We have computers now. This plot line would have been lame in the 60's, seriously. Great show, generally good writing, but this was just too absurd. They also did absurd plot lines when dangling Fred in front of us and then pulling him away.

About Grayson and Deb. Isn't it a bit weird that Jane and Stacy never discuss her size any longer? Remember the first season? While I like that Deb is comfortable and feels glamorous in Jane's body, I can't believe the two wouldn't talk about it. IMHO, Owen isn't gonna be there for the long haul. A reluctant fiancee doesn't bode well

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I hope that Jane and Owen end up together. She needs to move on from Grayson.. Time will tell...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The ending was perfect last night. Jane and Owen need to be together; not Jane and Grayson.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The ending was perfect last night. Jane and Owen need to be together; not Jane and Grayson.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I'm not sure why there are so many people who think someone that is SO reluctant to mary you, is a healthy relationship. Honestly, it scares me, if a guy is that indecisive then how can you trust him to not take off in the future? And that was a lame cover on the writers part, if someone were to have a heart attack and go into a coma, then the hospital would contact SOMEONE in his family; even his work place would have had some response to one of their judges just dissapearing for a month, he couldn't have taken all that time off since he didn't know he was going to have a heart attack, and since he was so close with his sister, I don't see why she wouldn't have tried to get in contact with him. It's really bad writing there, Jane and Owens reunion too. The engagement is off the table, but when you ask differently it's not? Suddenly he wants to get married again? Honestly people...

as are you about Owen's ability to "go the distance" with Jane and his commitment. All we want is for her to be happy but not with someone who has one foot out, then one foot in. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Even thought he had a heart attack, leading up to his disappearance, Owen was an ass to Grayson when he found out he had feelings for Jane. He seems petty and all and all shady and ellusive. He keeps things from her. And the main issue I've had with this show is that they seem to be solidifying stereotypes that skinny and model types are superior--example being the shriek at the beginning of every opening credits screen where Deb finds out she's in Jane's plus sized body. Of course Jane cannot possible end up with Grayson, the GQ coverboy, she has to end up with the homely average looking guy. Two thumbs down DDD! Booooo! If she doesn't end up with Grayson, then at least don't let it be Owen either. He is a gigantic jerk with a huge ego, and I'm pretty sure he'd meet the DSM IV TR criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The opening credits scream is to help tell the story for those that didn't see the first season and of course to emphasize that a size 0 blonde, aspiring actress/model ended up a brunette with a plus-sized body. I honestly think that if the writers were prejudiced based on size that Jane would be talking about going to Weight Watchers. LOL

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The plot seems to be Grayson & Jane cause most women would like that ending. They are writing to sell a series ... not to be truthful. I think Grayson is the worst of the two. I have season 4 but haven't viewed it cause I thought the path the show was taking after season 3 didn't make sense. Grayson fell for Deb cause of her looks. He feel so hard without even holding conversation 1 with Deb. Women must realize Jane isn't Deb. Sure she has her memories but if both were in the same room as twins they would be so diff from one another. So even if Jane was a super model ... she would appeal to Grayson cause her views on life itself are 180 degrees from Deb. Sure Jane reminds Grayson of Deb cause of some of the things she says but the entire package ain't Deb. Since I lost interest at the end of Season 3 ... I have no comment on Owen. What I saw up til that time .. he was perfect for Jane but that story line will not sell to the women of the world.


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