Drop Dead Diva, what will happen to Owen now?

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Drop Dead Diva's season finale on Lifetime ended with a bang. Old Jane discovered the way back to earth, but it seems the person affected was not new Jane, a/k/a Deb.

"Jane's Getting Married," the season finale of Drop Dead Diva proved that there were more powerful forces at work during the pre-wedding planning for Jane and Owen.

What the heck happened to Owen? Take the opportunity to express yourself below.

Read about the previous episode and how we all got to this point.

Darling angel Fred was hard at work when surprised by old Jane, who we learn did not move on after her body was commandeered by the soul of the dear departed Deb. Remember what it was like when Fred left?

Jane was watching, just like us, the blonde model-actress imposter inhabited her body, and was not happy about what she saw. While the new Jane also possessed the sharp legal mind of the true Jane Bingum, she came with no other memories.

When new Jane dissed old Jane's mother on the eve of the wedding, something had to be done.

Discovering Fred and learning that a one-button solution to her problems could get her back into her earthy body she took the chance. Unfortunately it seems that unintended consequences were unleashed.

After four long seasons of watching Jane/Deb pine away for Grayson, fans of the couple got the scene they wanted. When Grayson rushed back to see why Jane wasn't walking down the aisle with all assembled and waiting, he spilled the beans.

The only reason he finally moved on from Deb was because he had fallen for Jane/Deb. There was the bride, her tiara on her head and an incredibly beautiful gown adorning her body.

Who cared? She fell into Grayson's arms and as the kiss got passionate, Owen appeared in the doorway to find them and promptly suffered what all presumed was a heart attack.

Grayson called for paramedics as Jane hovered over her groom fearing the worst.

The worst may not be what the now guilty bride thinks. Owen's body jolted as if hit by a thunderbolt and he opened his eyes, leaving viewers to realize it doesn't seem like he will be Owen any longer.


Here are your choices. Pick one you think represents what the writers will present us with when the fifth season of the show begins in 2013:

1) Owen changes into a person that has no idea who Jane is or why it looks like they're dressed to stand on top of a wedding cake.
2) Old Jane is somehow inside Owen and will do anything to thwart Jane/Deb and Grayson's relationship.
3) Owen remains who he is while Jane and Grayson have to be shamed for what they did.

Let me know other ideas you have and let's see if we can get to the bottom of all this.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i can't believe it...after waiting to see what happend I fell asleep and missed the last half hour. I am glad to see that I was able to catch up on what happened after the kiss which they showed on the previews all week long. I can't wait for the next season to begin.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i believe "old" jane is now in owen's body and is going to wreak havoc...hopefully fred will come in to save the day! (loooove fred!!!)

If that is what happened, Fred MUST return to try and referee the whole thing.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yess bring fred back and grayson and jane should be to gether! let owen have memory lost and firget who jane/deb is! but if jane comes back as own..... its going to be some drama!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Agreed. I like Fred better than Luke.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Oh NOOOO! Trying to figure our who Owen will return as. He obviously hit the return button. I want Jane with Owen. Grayson is a stuffed suit. Good looking but so boring. zzzzzzzzz

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Loved the episode... didn't like the ending with "old Jane" coming back as Owen...getting silly now... gonna miss Owen. Happy that it looks like Fred will probably be back though.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I thought the ending was awful and I won't be watching this show next season. Owen was a nice guy and for the writers to kill him off...and yes he had to die for old Jane to come back...made me sick. And old Jane in his body is just disgusting. This show has now "jumped the shark" for me. It has now gone the way of Ally McBeal....a good show that turned really, really unbearably stupid.

That old Jane didn't come back in Owen? Is there no other scenario we can envision? But if Owen is now possessed with the brilliant mind of Jane Bingum, wont it be fun to watch Jane vs. Jane? Anyone?


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