Drunk Sheldon becomes good boyfriend on The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory gave us an opportunity to see someone outwit Sheldon and get him drunk in the process. Devilish Penny set it in motion and all of a sudden, Sheldon wasn't logical any longer.

In "The Habitation Configuration", Amy got her due, Penny got the last laugh and Howard finally left Mommy, as The Big Bang Theory explored tough decisions for the big baby astronaut and romance resistant physicist.

Tired of having to split her time between the apartment she shares with Howard and his mother's home, Bernadette put her foot down and said it was time to cut the umbilical cord.

The turtleneck-wearing Mommy's boy was still enjoying the perks of having his mother do his laundry and other things only a mother can do the way you like it.

Howard is only in the early stages of learning the responsibilities one takes on with a wife in the picture. Maturity comes slowly to the men of The Big Bang Theory.

Encouraged by his friends who helped him pack, Howard still vacillated. "This is my bedroom, where my mother used to mark my height," he tells Leonard and Raj as he asks for a moment alone to say goodbye to the only room he ever had.

But, it was Sheldon's struggle to prioritize his loyalties that made the episode fun to watch.

Putting his friendship and hero worship of Wil Wheaton, he of Star Trek fame, ahead of girlfriend Amy got him in deep doo-doo with his little lady..

Amy and Wil had artistic differences about his appearance in a video taped interview she was filming for Sheldon's talk show "Fun With Flags." Amy was behind the camera directing.

She kept yelling, "Cut, cut..." as she critiqued Wheaton's delivery of his lines. Taking umbrage at a rank amateur telling him what to do, Wheaton told Sheldon:

"Look Sheldon, I'm happy to do this for you, but not if she's going to be a pain in the ass."

Amy did what girlfriends do. She put him on the spot. "Are you gonna let him speak to me like that?" Sheldon cringed and tried to be Switzerland, you know neutral.

"You're my girlfriend and I don't want you to be upset. Then again Wil Wheaton is my friend and I don't want him to be upset. This is a sticky wicket," he exclaimed.

Any threw down the gauntlet. Misunderstanding her tone of voice when she said, "Fine, well maybe I should go," Sheldon was relieved and told her she was the best girlfriend ever.

When Amy refused to forgive him, Sheldon turned to....Penny for advice about women. She was at work and Sheldon bellied up to the bar asking for tea. Seeing an opening, Penny offers him a Long Island Ice Tea.

Hilarity ensued. Sheldon chugged one, then another as Penny lit into him about his hurting Penny. Sheldon sloshed is a sight to behold. The light bulb went on and he told Penny, "I'm a callous egomaniac. She's gonna leave me," before he quickly recovered his ego.

Buoyed by two wham-bang drinks, Sheldon ends up at Wheaton's door ready to duel with fists. He ends up vomiting in the bushes, but the scene on Wheaton's porch took the form of him realizing his Texas roots.

Chivalry demanded he fight for his lady. "I'm from Texas, need I say more? You insulted my woman, I'm here defending her honor."

Sheldon is not only a cheap drunk, he's a sweet one at that.

The Big Bang Theory airs new episodes on CBS each Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image: CBS, The Big Bang Theory

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