A&E fights back against Dave Hester: he's no whistleblower

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The Storage Wars litigation between Dave Hester and A&E just heated up with the network's answer to his allegations of fraud and wrongful termination.

Storage Wars star Dave Hester sued his former employer and its production company after he was informed he would no longer be part of the cast.

In a court filing last week, attorneys for A&E fought back, answering Hester and his hot shot Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer's accusations. Link to the filing posted below.

The Hester lawsuit is a straight-out suit for damages after what he, through Singe, claims was a wrongful termination and retaliation on the part of the defendants for Hester's complaints about what he calls, "...fraud on the public and its television audience." Read more, here.

Fans of Storage Wars on A&E have been defrauded because of what Hester says are items planted in storage lockers and other shenanigans. Link to his court filing posted below.

Only a few new episodes have aired since the Hester litigation became public. A&E runs repeats and launched its latest spinoff, Storage Wars New York in the usual time slot for the original show.

The N.Y. show has promise but only six episodes were ordered and put on the air. An inquiry to A&E's media relations department netted no good information about the future of the programs.

A comment from Storage Wars New York star Mike Braiotta made on social media site Get Glue promises the show will return, but didn't name a date certain.

Here's a snippet of A&E's response:

"In a transparent attempt to distract from the issues — and maximize any potential recovery — Plaintiff's Complaint tries to convert a garden-variety breach of contract claim into a tabloid-worthy drama, in which Hester portrays himself as a crusading whistleblower. But setting aside the notable inconsistencies in his exaggerated self-portrait, the law does not permit such sophistry."


The network claims that Dave can't be a whistleblower if he engaged in the same behavior he now claims hurt him and defrauded the viewing public.

"Among other things, Plaintiff says that he participated in the very conduct he simultaneously claims was 'fraudulent' and 'illegal,' namely, the purported 'salting' of storage lockers with valuable items and the 'scripting' of some portions of the reality television program."

If you read Hester's initial complaint, he admits that he knew of the practice and complained, presuming things would stop. They didn't.

What is he looking for? Money of course and a lot of money to be specific. Between his salary, bonuses, expense accounts and other compensation Hester is out at least $800,000.

Let the posturing begin and settlement discussions won't be far away.

Link to the A&E court documents, here.
Link to court documents filed by Hester, contained in story about it, here.
Image: A&E/Storage Wars


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Dave Hester is only angry because he is broke and made a bunch of bad investments, now he wants to get rid of the show so that no one else will be able to profit. If he felt Storage Wars was so unethical, he should have never taken the job. It's only because he will lose income and notoriety that he us filing this bogus lawsuit. Oh what a tangled web we weave.. he needs to focus on himself. Filing this lawsuit for because Mr. Hester is greedy and bitter. O have seen what he has done on the show to inflate the purchase prices for other auction bidders. Grow up Dave.. it's not that serious.

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