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Fashion Police: El Salvador best at Opening Ceremony

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The very long Opening Ceremony for the 2012 London games featured the Parade of Nations, on what amounted to a red carpet for the Fashion Police of E!

There are critics who expressed themselves in real time, such as British designer Stella McCartney. As reported by E!'s Fashion Police, McCartney disavowed any responsibility for the outfits worn by British athletes.

McCartney tweeted: "designed the Team GB performance kit, podium suit & villagewear, not the Olympic ceremony suits."

In other words, don't blame me for the gold and white horror strutting its stuff into the stadium at the moment. Yet, the Romanesque look adopted by the team for Great Britain wasn't the only uni that came in for criticism.

But first, who did The Fashion Police love? They called the game for El Salvador. Why? Because they came the closest to "real-world" styles. Yes, realism ruled the day as the women's outfits consisted of short, fitted skirts and ombre' sweaters worn with pointy-collared white blouses and contrasting ties.

"World-class athlete or Excel whiz, who wouldn't wear this to work Monday morning?" You be the judge.

Also held up for the simplicity of it all were the unis sported by the team from Italy. It was hard to tell if the athletes were on leave from their day jobs at five-star hotel concierges as they wore sleek Giorgio Armani pant suits.

Navy single-breasted jackets over straight-leg pants were paired with pale blue shirts and scarves for the ladies, ties for the men in the blue stripes that picked up both the colors of the pants and jackets.

The U.S. Ralph Lauren-designed look came in for its fair share of criticism aside from the politically hot debate about where it was manufactured. Clad in berets, navy blazers and white pants for the men with skirts for the women, highlighted a very preppy feel.

Then again, wasn't this sort of a Happy Days moment for the U.S.? The women's flared skirts were worn a bit below the knee, paired with white short socks and white buck shoes with a tie closing. All the skirts needed were poodles appliqued on them and Voila! back to the 50's we go.

While the team from Mexico looked "festive" as Fashion Police noted in their multi-color ponchos and black pants the criticism was muted. Perhaps due to lack of expectations?,

A special shout-out to the polo-shirted team from Sweden. At least the athletes looked like they were ready for a sporting event.

A tip of the cap goes to Poland for the dresses worn by the female athletes. "Their white dresses decorated with poppies, matching red flats and cropped jackets are like the Olympic version of a flattering bridesmaid's dress: almost unheard of." Sounds like a compliment, doesn't it? Sort of.

A slideshow of the best and worst as judge by E! Fashion Police, here.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/2006 Torino games

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