Fashion Police Halloween: Mariah, Psy, Brad Pitt (Video)

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Fashion Police on E! celebrated Halloween a bit early as Joan Rivers, Kris Jenner, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos donned celeb costumes fit to scare anyone.

Kris Jenner sat in for the on-maternity-leave Giuliana Rancic and was outfitted in her trademark black, with just a hint of color as she wore red stilettos.

Joan Rivers and the E! Fashion police had some fun with Halloween but not before skewering red carpet looks on the Hot Ticket segment of the show.

Who topped the list as best? Emma Stone did in a bright pink cocktail-length Valentino number.

With filmy long sleeves, a man's white shirt collar and cuffs, Stone sported a black clutch and hounds tooth high heels to break it all up. George K informed Fashion Police fans that collared looks are hot right now.

While Joan loved the entire outfit she added this compliment: "It's nice to see a Hollywood starlet in cuffs and it not being Lindsay Lohan.". Ouch!

Kelly Osbourne said she loved the dress so much, "I'd even go out and buy this dress." That's saying a lot for someone who gets designer samples without asking.

Then came the fun as the Police went to great lengths to make a statement with their costumes. Despite there being only one man on the set, that being stylist George K, two celebs dressed up as men.

Kris Jenner as Psy: Well, at least they kept her in black. Is anyone starting to wonder if she is just too insecure to wear much else?

You do have to give Jenner this one thing: She does a great Gangnam Style dance. That 50-something Kardashian clan Momager can move that body.

George Kotsiopoulos as Brad Pitt in his latest Chanel No. 5 commercial. He carried off the grey button-down shirt and sandy pants look but let's face it. Brad Pitt can be wearing an outfit straight out of a a street scene in Les Miserables and he would be gorgeous.

Kotsiopoulos did nail the pout and low voice. He also mumbled almost incoherently as Pitt does for some reason in the Chanel ad.

Kelly Osbourne as Katy Perry. She had every touch imaginable in the costume, from Perry's red heart-shaped sequined bodice and pink tutu to the black bangs and long curls on the wig. The extra added attraction of the costume was the way Osbourne did the surprised look with mouth open, putting her hand to her face. Pretty darn good.

Joan Rivers as Mariah Carey and Melissa Rivers as Nicki Minaj. Rivers' Carey had all the trimmings, including twin dolls that she carried and tossed around for photos.

Her wig, three-quarter sleeve fake-fur short jacket over a sparkly black gown were dead on It became an even better resemblance of Mariah when a crew member came out with a portable fan to keep that wind-blown hair look going as she spoke.

Just to make it a bit spicier, daughter Melissa emerged as Nicki Minaj outfitted with a lot of attitude and pink boxing gloves, which she promptly used to take revenge on the Idol judge. A cat fight ensued. You be the judge of who won.

Check out the costumes and watch the show if you missed it,
here at the E! Fashion Police website.
E! airs new Fashion Police programs starting at 10: 00 p.m. ET each Friday night. Image: E! Fashion Police

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