Fashion Police: Mariah Carey first worst-dressed of 2013

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The E! Fashion Police held court and reviewed 2013's first full week of red carpets and events, naming Mariah Carey as the Fash-Hole of the Week.

First the good news --- Kerry Washington was the unanimous choice of Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police colleagues as the first week's best dressed of 2013.

The "Revenge" star wore a dress to a "Django Unchained" media event in Rome that embodied all the most important trends for the spring 2013. Link to photo of Washington's dress posted below.

"I think she looks great. I'm crazy about her. She's a great actress and watching her movie made me wish I had three more slaves when I had the chance," joked Joan Rivers in her inimitable style.

Here's stylist George Kotsiopoulos on her choice of Peter Pilotto's fashion:

"I love this look. She's been nailing it on the whole press tour for the film. In this look, she's hitting every single spring trend."

George enumerated those. "She's got the black and white color combo, she's got flounces, ruffles. She's got origami, mismatched prints and a bared midriff . Every single trend in one and it should be a hot mess. It's totally not."

Kelly Osbourne added her two cents. "There are not many people in this industry who could pull a dress off like this and still make it look elegant without it looking punk rock or too edgy."

Giuliana Rancic said, "This dress on paper is a nightmare. It doesn't make any sense, yet somehow she pulls it off beautifully."

Now the bad news for Mariah Carey.

You know the famous phrase from the Ocean's 11 film? "In my hotel, there's always somebody watching".

Well the paparazzi are everywhere and recently, Mariah Carey, her twins and husband Nick Cannon emerged from a yacht trip, with Carey wearing something that tripped the hate wire of Fashion Police. Link to photo of Carey in the gown posted below.

It was an evening gown worn as a bathing suit cover up, complete with glittery and strappy heels during a daytime adventure.

The hot red color couldn't be missed and when compared with Cannon's dress-down look and the daytime hour it made for a mess in the opinion of Joan and company.

Joan kicked it off. " She's coming off a boat wearing a dress by Robert Cavalli . This is her yacht wear, day wear and beach wear. The metallic shoes just scream 'get into that sand.' She's coming off a boat wearing a skin-tight evening dress. She's huge. You can give her a ladder and a dalmatian and you could ride her to a fire."

"This is a crocheted gown so it does make it more casual," began the explanation of stylist George K. "Thank god she's not wearing sweat pants. She's Mariah Carey. This is her idea of a beach coverup."

Kelly Osbourne said, "You can say whatever the hell you want. She's Mariah Carey and if I was coming off a yacht I would have higher heels than that."

Giuliana brought the conversation back to sanity. "Not only is it skin tight and it's a gown, but it has a slit up the side and it's almost backless. She could wear this to the Emmy's. This is insane."

Rancic continued, "And look at how her husband is dressed. Nick Cannon is like, 'I don't know what the hell she is wearing now,' with that look on his face."

Mariah Carey won the first award for the 2012 Fash-Hole of the week.

Link to Carey's nightmare gown, here.

Link to image of Kerry Washington's dress, here.

E! airs new episodes of Fashion Police each Friday night at 10:00 p.m. ET with award show review shows on Monday nights. Image: E! Fashion Police

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