Fashion Police: Victoria Beckham's family looks gorgeous

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One thing is for sure about the Fashion Police on E!, they give Victoria Beckham a ton air time. Her latest family photo was dissected down to Beckham's refusal to smile.

Have you seen the latest photo of the Beckham clan? David, Victoria and the three boys--- sans daughter Harper--- are all clad in dashing and dressed up duds.

Joan Rivers and her Fashion Police posse consisting of regulars George Kotsiopoulos and Kelly Osbourne, were in session and along for the ride was Tiffani Thiessen in place of the missing Giuliana Rancic.

They featured a photo of the Victoria, David and their three sons at the London theater premiere of Viva Forever, a musical based on the Spice Girls songs.

In what is an unusual occurrence in these fashion times, the little boys sported menswear fashions.

A nifty sport coat for Brooklyn, a fabulously tailored trench coat for Roman and the cutest suit you've ever seen for Cruz.

None of the clothing choices made them look like they were playing dress up in adult clothes; all were age appropriate styles.

It helps of course, that Romeo Beckham made his solo modeling debut for Burberry and their new line of trench coats, as reported in People magazine. Check out the video posted below.

Thus the menswear on the men in the family. Not to be outdone, Victoria is sporting a burgundy topcoat over her shoulders.

Ah yes, those shoulders that appear to be too fragile to hold up under any weight at all. Is that why the fashion icon and businesswoman won't give us a smile?

As the fans tweeted, "Even with her dashing guys, she couldn't smile." It's been a theme on Fashion Police.

Joan began the proceedings with this: "If you look at this photo you see a happy family, except for the witch in the corner." She more than made up for the bad joke by asking George K, "Are they a gorgeous family or what?"

George explained. "She's putting them to work. Little Romeo is in the Burberry Spring 2013 ads. He looks adorable. He looks like a model, a super model."

The adoring fan and friend of Victoria, Kelly Osbourne said that the fashion statement, "Is a testament to Victoria and her own sense of style that she lets her little boys dress appropriately for their age. They always look well put together, but still like little boys."

While every one of the panel adores her clothing line and can barely say a bad word about her fashion choices, it's the face that gets them every time.

There is no explanation for it. What would it cost her to smile a bit? Has she made a pledge never to do so when posing for paparazzi?

As for Viva Forever, well the review in the UK Guardian was not kind, but the musical seems to be a hit with Spice Girls fans and at the end of the day, they are the ones paying for the tickets.

Link to the Fashion Police website and the photo of the Beckham family, here.

E! airs new Fashion Police shows Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. with replays throughout the weekend. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Darkness Blackheart


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