Find Our Missing, have you seen Maurice James II?

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Find Our Missing on TV One addressed two more cases of missing African Americans ---can you provide clues to the disappearance of Maurice James?

Maurice James II, 29 was described by Find Our Missing host, S. Epatha Merkerson.

"There's always that one person who you must have at your parties. Maurice James is that guy. His crazy laugh and piercing green eyes can take over any room the moment he walks in. He's never without a hug or a smile or a kind word.

"But when his clothes are found on a San Francisco beach, police and friends wonder was Maurice hiding behind the tears of a clown, or did he need to start a new life away from friends and family?"

It is not unusual that the show which shines a light on the cold cases about missing black Americans, asks whether the unexplained disappearances are voluntary rather than part of a hideous crime.

For photos and personal info on Maurice James, click over to the show's website. There is a like provided below.

We learn during the course of the episode that James came out as gay in his teens to his half-sister Lebra Watts, joined the military just prior to the September 11, 2011, served seven years and was discharged.

He grew up about 25 miles outside San Francisco in a home with his parents and two half-siblings. He is the youngest and while enjoys reading he isn't a great student.

Lebra worried about his future, both in his family and outside it if he lives it as a gay man.

When he was discharged from the service he moved in with his sister but she noticed a big change in him. "He wasn't the same little brother. He looked like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders."

After a year he moved out and in with his best friend from childhood, Jennifer, studied cooking and got an internship at a prestigious restaurant.

One morning in early August 2011, Jennifer awoke to go to work at 4:00 a.m. and found Maurice gone from his room. He might be with friends she thought.

But, he had left his phone at home and that afternoon Jennifer heard it go off constantly. When he didn't return to get his phone, she calls around and no one has seen him.

His wallet was in his room as well and that alarmed her. She went to Facebook to ask if anyone had seen him. He hadn't shown up at work.

Getting into his computer, Jennifer finds a blog she didn't know of and notes that on the night he disappeared he wrote about going to the beach to eat shrimp, something he is allergic to.

Then comes a statement that concerned everyone, "I always knew I wouldn't make it to 30." It was accompanied by words that indicated he had money woes and was unable to pay his rent.

A search party of friends is organized and a woman tells them that she saw someone that looked liked Maurice's photo, walking naked on the beach. Finally someone files a missing person's report.

Det. Joe Carroll of the SFPD was shown the blog entry and told of the search party's information. His clothing, iPod and transit authority pass were found folded nicely on a rock at the beach.

Dogs are brought into the search. The Coast Guard didn't have much hope to find a body without clothing on his body or any flotation device.

An email sent to a former boyfriend the day of his disappearance was sad but didn't add much to learning the truth.

Unfortunately he has never been seen again. The family through Find Our Missing and the Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. are asking for you help.

Please contact them with any information that might offer clues to his whereabouts. Call : 415-558-5508, the SFPD. More information about Maurice's vital statistics and description can be found at TV One's website, here.

TVOne airs new episodes of season two's Find Our Missing on Monday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET/8:00 p.m. CT. Image: Find Our MIssing

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