Find Our Missing preview, where is Bianca Green?

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Find Our Missing presents two new cases of missing African Americans, one of which is about Bianca Green, a 24 year-old mother.

The TV One program gears up once again tonight and the sad stories of families in crisis and grief feature the disappearance of Bianca Green and Julius TaDarius Jones.

Find Our Missing
, hosted by S. Epatha Merkerson works in conjunction with the Black and Missing Foundation, Inc. Viewers are encouraged to report any tips they might have about the missing black Americans, whose stories are presented each week.

Bianca Green was last seen in her hometown of Romulus, Michigan. Find Our Missing sums up her family's predicament this way:

"Bianca Green, 24, was a hard-working mother who did everything for her three-year-old son, Jamere Jr. She had a full-time job at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, working at one of the airport’s restaurant chains.

After work, Bianca stopped by her mother’s workplace to drop off a sandwich for her mother, as she usually did.

Later in the evening, her mother received strange text messages from her daughter saying that she wants to leave forever to start a new life, and that she was leaving her son behind.

This was the last time Lisa has heard from her daughter, and the whole family has been anxiously waiting for her return ever since."

As some of those involved in the search for her expressed, she had no access to a money source, making it seem implausible that Bianca just picked up and left.

That has been a bit of a theme in this second season of Find Our Missing.

Are the cases of the missing just stories of people leaving their present lives behind for greener pastures, or are they tales of foul play and violent crimes?

Last week's cases centered on Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams, both of whom disappeared after being in the presence of a former Deputy Sheriff in Collier County, Floria. Read the full story, here.

While there were enough shady facts that could point to both men meeting an early death, no charges were filed against the law enforcement officer.

Both Tyler Perry and Rev. Al Sharpton took an interest in helping the families of the two.

Perry offered a six-figure reward for information leading to solving the case.

"Everyone watching this should be outraged, completely outraged," said Tyler Perry in the introduction to the show.

High profile celebrity help is the exception rather than the rule, unfortunately for these missing persons cases, and it is why Find Our Missing exists. Go to the show's website to learn how you can help.

Watch tonight's episode on TV One starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Find Our Missing/Towers Productions Bianca Green

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