Florida Bar Extends Refunds for Heat Losses, Now Season-Long

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Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill in Hollywood Florida, made good on its advertising pledge. It allowed patrons to drink for free on the night the Miami Heat lost to the Boston Celtics on the NBA 2010 season's opening night. The owner has decided to make it a season-long policy. Is he crazy or does he know something we don't?

Here's what the bar owner posted on the establishment's website after writing off $4,400 in bar tabs: "– Ya know….. when we first decided to do this, we had said we would pay everyone’s tab only the FIRST time the Miami Heat lose, but ya know what?? We’re so FIRED UP about the Miami Heat, that we’ve already decided to do this even bigger and better…. This is Miami, people, our team is hot…. We’re gonna keep this going for the long haul. So come watch EVERY game at Whiskey Tango… The Bar That Loves You Back!!!

The Whiskey Tango's proprietor was featured on morning news programs Wednesday and answered the question of why he would do something that is seemingly against all his financial interests. It's the advertising stupid! The fact that he made national news with his marketing ploy has guaranteed him, in his own mind, a return on investment that is bigger than he could have imagined.

Whiskey Tango Bar & Grill comped $4,400 worth of drinks and food after Heat loss

It would take a chunk of cash the Whiskey Tango doesn't have to pay for ads that reach all 50 states as well as international audiences that watch CNN. The businessman expects to get visits from those on vacation in Miami, who hope to eat and drink for free, on the night of any Heats' loss.

You can see he's betting the under on expected losses for the season since a patron can expect a bar tab of up to $25.00 per person will be wiped out for every Heat loss. There is no word yet if playoff games will be added to the list.

Speaking of the NBA's opening night and the Heat loss, liberal air time was given to the new Nike ad featuring LeBron James and his latest attempt at winning back the hearts of those that are unhappy with him after his move to Miami. For those who haven't seen the 90 second production, please check it out, here.

In the two other games played last night, the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Houston Rockets 112-110, after overcoming a huge first half decicit and emotional hangover from the championship ring ceremony. It surely was spectacular and unique in its own way, as Ron Artest shook hands with Commissioner David Stern, only six years after his year-long suspension for sparking the brawl in Detroit. That video and story can be found, here.

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