GG still raging, causes Reza-MJ split on Shahs of Sunset

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The stars of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset are still reeling over GG's expletives and violent threats, but at some point they have to go back to work and make a living.

We got some background in the latest episode of Shahs of Sunset, about how one of these young people came to the U.S. from Iran and at what cost to her family.


In a touching scene played out at her parents' home in Southern California, Asa spoke lovingly of how she owes everything to their courage and willingness to sacrifice.

"This life that I have, everything I am I owe to my father and my mother. If they wouldn't have left (Iran) and given up everything I wouldn't be sitting here today That's why I have to make money."

Our Persian Pop Priestess needs cash to pay her bills and she is trying desperately to find it through entrepreneurial efforts.

No matter what you think of her stab at creating a new brand of designer water, "Diamond Water" at least she's making the rounds to see what she can do about it.


She is a different case altogether. Another cat fight with sister and business partner Leila led to more threats of physical violence that even their father couldn't mediate. See video posted below

GG is just coming off the gangsta' scene at the pool party kicked off by the Persian nose comments made by Asa to Omid. GG's latest performance included telling Leila that she would slit her throat. Read: GG gets tossed from a pool party

The issue remains the same. GG wants to be told what to do specifically to market the company's line of hair extensions, rather than figuring it out herself.

The lady isn't a big self-starter, despite being a business owner. She is head of marketing and yet as Leila pointed out, has yet determine the price point for the products.


Reza offered him the opportunity to interview at the Keller-Williams Realty location at which he and Asa share an office.

Getting into residential properties rather than commercial might be good for Mike's pockets but Reza breached the trust of MJ to try and accomplish it.

Reza felt betrayed by MJ's refusal to take his side against GG, who called him vile and disgusting names in the recent past.

He has gotten tired of her trying to remain neutral and used her lack of office time against her, while trying to move Mike into her chair. It is putting their long friendship at serious risk.


This is the only girl who has got it all together and more. We got a peek at a photo shoot for her bikini line and the hot models who pranced around in them. Read: Lilly is the new girl in town with a wacky little dog.

Best lines of the night came out of that shoot from Reza , who raised his eyebrows a bit over the skimpy and flashy swimsuits.

"These aren't just stripper bathing suits. They are 'I'm getting my rent paid bathing suits'. Those are 'I'm landing my sugar daddy bathing suits'. Those are "My man left me and I'm going to f---k him up bathing suits.' "

Has anyone asked GG if she needs to have her doctor check her meds level --- not that I know if she is on any. Maybe she should be.

Takeway message: The Persians in the show who work at jobs that satisfy and challenge them are happier by far than the ones who don't. Asa keeps trying to get it right, Mike is risking a big change and MJ might need to think about her professional life a bit more. As for Reza and Lilly, well they seem content for now.

Bravo's Shahs of Sunset airs news episodes on Sunday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Bravo/Shahs of Sunset

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