Greece being destroyed, called cruel by EU lawmaker [VIDEO]

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Nigel Farage has made his views known on the floor of the European Parliament about how the country of Greece is suffering cruelty at the hands of the EU.

Nigel Farage gave a fiery speech in Parliament and the video of the blast is making its way around the Internet. MP Farage spoke against the backdrop of riots in the streets of Greece and the reported exodus of workers to other countries.

In a written statement posted on his blog, the head of the UK Independence Party and longtime British conservative calls the EU terms for financial assistance to Greece, "cruel."

Nigel Farage was the head of the Conservative Party in Britain during the days Prime Minister John Major and resigned his post in opposition to the PM's decision to sign the 1993 Mastricht Treaty, that established the European Union and led to the establishment of the euro currency.

In his speech, Farage went so far as to say that he would be among those in the streets were he a Greek citizen. He claims to be convinced, after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the financial assistance package is politically motivated rather than aimed at helping people in Greece.

There is no longer democracy in Greece, says Farage. It is being driven into the ground and towards a revolution, he told Parliament.

From the blog post, "This partnership of nations is suddenly starting to look very nasty indeed: a brutal oppressor that is scornful of democracy, national identity and the livelihoods of ordinary people."

It continues, "Perhaps 100,000 businesses have folded, and many more are collapsing. Suicides are sharply up, homicides have reportedly doubled, with tens of thousands being made homeless. Life in the rural areas, which are returning to barter, is bearable. In the towns it is harsh and for minorities – above all the Albanians, who have no rights and have long taken the jobs Greeks did not want – it is terrifying."

A report in today's Daily Beast focused on one Greek couple and its reaction to losing jobs with a disabled daughter to care for. Lambrousi Harikleia and her husband decided to demonstrate their despair.

They "...climbed out the window of their office building and threatened to jump to their deaths. 'At least if we are dead someone will have to take care of our child,' she can be heard saying from her dangerous perch. After over five hours on the ledge, police were able to coax her to safety, but she still won’t be getting her job back."

Visa applications to leave the country have so overwhelmed the local offices that people are traveling elsewhere, mainly to Rome to obtain visas and work permits. Many are seeking to go to Canada and Australia, claiming that even if they could find work, the income wouldn't allow them to sustain themselves. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Mierlo

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