Grey's Anatomy, Arizona shocker

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The doctors were forced to deal with their feelings and admit their limitations after the plane crash, as Grey's Anatomy focused on healing of all sorts during "Second Opinion".

Grey's Anatomy can rock and roll between tragedy and hope with it happening quickly.

Shonda Rhimes doesn't flinch from changing moods in a drastic way and the latest episode dragged the plot back to the six months viewers missed between the plane crash and the season's premiere episode. Read: Premiere was not fan friendly.

Many thought that Rhimes should have kicked off this last season of Grey's Anatomy with what she used as the second episode. She's funny that way.

Last night we learned about the unspoken fears and guilt of Callie about Derek's surgery that failed to return him to the O.R.

The lawyers were pressing the doctors for examples of long term medical issues that could translate into a huge money settlement of their lawsuit.

To do so would have required the newly returned Yang to articulate her ongoing PTSD and for Derek to say out loud, that he might never cut up a patient again.

Although Arizona was not at the meetings with the lawyers, Callie has represented her interests, because Dr. Robbins refuses to leave the house with her prosthetic leg.

She's still struggling to learn how to walk. So much so that she knocks over furniture in her apartment.

After almost a year of anger and mourning, Arizona Robbins heard the call of her profession again. It broke through the constant soundtrack she has played in her mind since the crash.

Miranda Bailey performed the miracle of luring her out of the house to deal with a pediatrics case. A huge step, not to use a pun.

Callie's joy knew no bounds when she observed it, knowing her life partner turned a corner. Now Dr. Torres had to come to grips with Derek's disability.

The two argue. Finger pointing about who encouraged the other to go ahead with the procedure was followed by a revelation.

Callie suggested the operation and Derek went along despite her expressed concerns about the percentage for success. As Derek put it succinctly, "I believed you could do it."

It burst the guilt balloon and the next thing you know, she is coming up with ideas for how to proceed from that point onward. While it will lower the damages awarded in the legal battle, it will right the ship for Torres and Shepherd.

The other couple in the midst of slow but steady healing is Cristina and Owen. His attempts to make their relationship business-like fail at the end of the episode. More to come, that's for sure.

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Submitted by Jesse James (not verified) on
It's Miranda Bailey not Amanda Bailey. I've been watching the show since it aired.

Submitted by Jesse James (not verified) on
Its Miranda Bailey not "Amanda Bailey"

Thanks to you both for the correction. No excuse, also longtime fan. Mistake corrected

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