Grey's Anatomy is back, should Ben forgive Bailey?

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Grey's Anatomy continues just where it left off in December, and Ben is left to stall the wedding guests after Baily was a no-show.

Dr. Amanda Bailey is a strict disciplinarian when it comes to her interns and residents.

If we've learned nothing from the many seasons of Grey's Anatomy, we know that she is a principled woman who accepts no excuses.

Now she is faced with a dilemma that puts her in the position of making one.

Why would she have chosen tending to Dr. Webber's wife Adele rather than show up at her wedding? There are excuses and then there are reasons.

In the video clip posted below Ben asks her right out. "Do you love me?"

Catch up on the previous episode, here.

When Callie Torres admits that while Bailey was in distress over getting married, Dr. Torres jokingly told her to run if that was what she believed she had to do.

Fans of the film Sex and The City might remember Miranda's concern that she influenced Mr. Big when he left Carrie at the altar.

Big's behavior could not be traced back to Miranda but it sure didn't help. Torres might find that out tonight.

In the meantime, there is the matter of another marriage in crisis --- that of Cristina Yang and Owen.

The pending divorce was revealed as being a loving act on the new Chief of Surgery's part. If he didn't sever ties with Cristina, she and the other plaintiffs in the damages case they filed against the company who made the downed aircraft, might never get their money.

Because he had approved the use of that private jet company as part of many papers he signs in a day as chief, he can't be seen benefiting from any settlement.

It's a huge conflict of interest and he wants the victims and their families to get what they deserve for their pain, suffering and loss.

Most fans want to see Yang and Owen back together but what about Bailey and Ben? Can they survive a years-long long distance relationship while Ben is in medical school?

Who sacrifices in that situation? The comments section is open and waiting.

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