Grey's Anatomy, Cristina turns into the new Dr. Bailey

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In the Grey's episode,"Bad Blood" one of the interns was ready to commit a crime to save a patient and Cristina Yang played the role of the mature attending doctor.

In Grey's Anatomy's past is the story of Denny and Izzie, and the reckless and unethical method Dr. Stevens used to try and save his life.

Because Denny wasn't high enough on the heart transplant list, Izzie and her fellow interns at the time, helped her bring him to the brink of death. In that way, he could get a heart and continue their loving but sad romance.

When Dr. Bailey found out about their actions she became a whirling dervish of accusations, punishment and anger.

It led to Izzie's first departure from Grey's Anatomy and left Bailey mistrustful and angry with her flock of interns including Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey.

Roll the tape forward to last night. A medical case presented itself to Yang involving a young skateboarder who was hit by a car and in need of a heart operation to save him.

The problem was that he and his family were Jehovah's Witnesses, making it illegal to transfuse him without his or his family's permission.

He was in a coma and the family refused, expressing their beliefs that if their boy was meant to survive without transfusions he would.

Yang angered her young protege'-intern by insisting on adherence to the law and the rules of the boy's faith. Even a meeting with the family and their explanation made no sense to the egotistic intern.

When she thought no one was watching she tried to hook up bags of blood for transfusions, but was caught by the "eye in the sky" closed circuit camera system installed by the Hospital Fixer, Dr. Cahill.

Cahill has mandated that the ER close and it was ready to do so that very night.

The camera comes with an audio system and "Bob" the ever-present camera operator intruded. In a moment of levity Yang expressed her disdain for the cameras by uttering a line from the film "2001 a Space Odyssey."

"Open the pod bay doors HAL," Yang said. It was then she learned that it was Bob, and he could hear, in addition to seeing all.

Yang went ballistic on the intern and was forced to teach her a sad lesson. There are limits to what the doctors can do and they are not governed solely by their talent. Legal and ethical concerns must be observed.

Because her plot was foiled, even Bob agreed that there would be no report or punishment. Lucky girl.

The cameras were placed in patient rooms to help doctors treat patients efficiently as well as correctly. Dr. Cahill's other idea to get Seattle Grace back on the road to financial health was to install formatted procedures for certain simple operations.

Turnaround time in the OR will increase, she explained.

What the doctors learned after trying everything they could to save the ER was that the hospital is up for sale. It will be easier to find a buyer without the money drain of trauma patients, Cahill told the doctors.

Once again the issue of the $!5 million judgements paid to the plane crash survivors has reared its ugly head. Will the MD's finally give the money back, at least in part to save Seattle Grace?

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Of course those several $15 million dollar settlements will eventually save the hospital, but I think they should pool the money and buy the hospital.

If this is to be the last season for the show, and right now we don't know for certain, then what a way to go out. With the interns from eight years ago owning the darn thing.

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