Grey's Anatomy, is an intern spin-off coming?

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It was all about the interns last night on "Love Turns You Upside Down". We learned nothing new about our favorites on Grey's Anatomy and there is so much to learn.

The latest episode of Grey's left all important storylines hanging as it focused on the regulars being teachers, disciplinarians and even bad bosses.

Meredith is still pregnant and Derek has yet to have surgery to fix his golden hand, but other than that it was interns and more interns.

Cristina Yang has become a great mentor and teacher to her brood that includes Leah and Stephanie. They are at least as competitive as she was back in the day.

The competition to scrub in for Yang's surgeries got ugly and spilled over to post-operative care. So much so that a patient's life was jeopardized and one of the interns got disciplined.

Did we learn more about her complicated relationship with husband Owen Hunt? No, but in sneak peek clips of next week's show Yang asks for a divorce.

Alex Karev spent most of his time working over the intern he dubbed "Princess". Jo was sporting an expensive wristwatch and Alex combined it with what seems to be a sense of entitlement to conclude she is a child of privilege.

He sat her down for a lecture after she assaulted a patient's mother in a fight over abandoning her teen daughter's infant born out of wedlock.

How wrong can one surgeon be? Left at a firehouse as a child, Jo grew up in foster homes. Karev understands a horrible childhood so maybe we can expect a love connection here?

Dr. Robbins made a very short appearance, approving Karev's work with the intern. How is she doing on the prosthetic leg while back at work? We got zero info on that score.

April is stuck on ugly duty of removing cysts and growths from patients' bodies to test for cancer. We got a fleeting Jackson sighting, but the two didn't come face-to-face.

Instead, April taught her intern a valuable lesson about patient care and we got no news on her breakup with Jackson.

It was Meredith Grey who gave us the most face time from the old guard.

She is one bad boss, at least in the eyes of the interns. She is curt, quick to point out errors and not above having them do her personal business.

Mer spent the episode trying to get at least one of Derek's sisters to help out by donating a nerve for a transplant. She and Derek are at odds over it, with him preferring to use one from a cadaver and keep his family out of it.

Heather, the intern charged with manning Meredith's phone to get the job done and field calls was cut off from surgical work until she came through.

In the process she was caught in the husband-wife war over it and took a call confirming Grey's ultrasound. When asked to tell Mer who called and about what, Heather was forced to to speak about the test it in the OR where Meredith and Callie were working.

Oops, no one is supposed to know about the pregnancy and Meredith used the death stare to elicit a promise of secrecy.

Could Shonda Rhimes be setting up the interns for a spin-off show? Seems so. Why else would she spend an entire episode in the swan song season to focus on the newbies.

Is a spin-off a good idea and would you watch it ?

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