Grey's Anatomy, marriages end and begin in 'Things We Said Today'

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Bailey and Ben made a decision about their marriage as did Cristina and Owen, in the Grey's Anatomy episode, "Things We Said Today".

Does it take more than love to keep a marriage alive, or to enter into one?

That is the theme brought to life in Grey's Anatomy last night. The first new show in a month aired and in "Things We Said Today" two couples were profoundly affected.

Baily and Ben

It turns out that Ben understands Miranda better than she trusted he did.

He put the wedding ceremony and reception on hold, telling guests to hold their horses while his soon-to-be wife handled a delicate emergency.

When he found Bailey at the hospital he wasn't angry, but had heard Callie's comment about Miranda being more nervous than normal for a bride.

Learning that the patient she stood him up for was Adele Webber made it all that much easier for him to understand, but he wanted to scold her a bit for not trusting him enough to let him know.

He asked her, "You are sure about marrying me, right? " Baily answered with this:

"I'm just so scared. I'm scared that you get it (referring to his understanding of her need to put a patient first) only because now it was Adele Webber. This isn't gonna be the last time..."

She continued, "I have so many things I want to do. Things I want to be. My ambition killed my last marriage. I don't want to do that to you."

Guess what? Ben's ambition and dreams are just as strong. Isn't that why they'll have a long distance marriage while he up and leaves to go back to So Cal for medical school? Of course it is.

The wedding went on and viewers saw that this kind of love would transcend a wedding ceremony.

Do you think it was too easy to make this a happy ending or did the writers get it right?

Cristina and Owen

Finally able to fearlessly express their love for each other, after all the travail of the previous year or two, gave them pause about the plan to sign the divorce papers.

We all understand why it is happening. Without it, the doctors won't be able to get any cash damages from their lawsuit emanating from the plane crash.

The couple agonized over what it could do to their rekindled love and devotion if they signed on the dotted line.

It took something said by one of the entourage of a biker/patient to open Owen's eyes.

Their troubles came about, according to Owen from them believing that once married they were restricted to conventional behavior and wisdom.

Throwing off the shackles, if you will, of the marital bonds could make them freer and thus more willing to act independent of expectations.

They sealed the signing with a kiss. Their love also transcends a ceremony.

What happened to the baby crisis that gripped these two? Will that rear its ugly head once again?

The couple stories were wrapped around the end of life for Adele Webber who died despite Miranda, Richard and Meredith's herculean efforts.

We also got a glimpse of Jackson Avery's interest in an intern, with Kepner keeping him at bay, and at the Callie-Arizona marriage moving once again in the right direction.

ABC airs new episodes of Grey's Anatomy at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Thursday nights. Image: ABC/Grey's Anatomy


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